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Clickfunnels Vs. Kajabi

Do you need help deciding which platform to utilize for your internet business? Which is better, ClickFunnels or Kajabi? We'll analyze and contrast the two media in our ClickFunnels vs. Kajabi comparison so you can make an informed choice.

ClickFunnels and Kajabi are effective platforms for developing online courses and sales funnels. Both are simple to use, feature built-in templates, and enable you to construct landing sites and sales pages.

There are, nevertheless, some significant distinctions between them. ClickFunnels is better for funnel creation and product sales, whereas Kajabi is better for building online courses. So, think about your demands and ambitions before settling on a platform.

Kajabi Vs. Clickfunnels Vs. Kartra

These tools are aimed at diverse audiences. Kartra is designed for marketers, enterprises, and agencies. You may use Kartra to sell your courses as subscriptions.

Kartra's primary selling factors are Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM), memberships, a visual automation builder, an agency feature, and so on. Kartra includes all the necessary tools, removing the need for third-party integrations.

Kajabi is geared toward entrepreneurs who sell digital items such as courses, tutoring, podcasts, ebooks, plus memberships. It is a sophisticated course design platform with solid marketing capabilities such as pipelines, automation tools, email marketing, etc.

ClickFunnels focuses mainly on funnels and is geared toward businesses seeking to sell both digital and physical things.

ClickFunnels 2.0, a new version of ClickFunnels 1.0, was recently published in October 2022. It includes all the tools you need to expand your business, such as sales funnels, email campaigns, automation, a blog builder, a page builder, a shopping cart, eCommerce capabilities, courses, digital and physical products, and so on.

Ease Of Use In Kajabi Vs. Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels and Kajabi are the two most widely used solutions on the market when selecting the correct software for your business. But which is best for you?

Both platforms are simple to use, and although ClickFunnels is well-known for its ease of use, Kajabi can be slightly more complicated.

When it comes to usability, ClickFunnels is hands down the clear victor. It is straightforward to establish a funnel and add content with Clickfunnels, whereas Kajabi can be slightly more complex to use. As a result, ClickFunnels is a better option for less tech-savvy folks.

Features Of Clickfunnels Vs. New Kajabi

Both ClickFunnels and Kajabi are robust tools for building and maintaining your company. They each have a variety of traits, but there are some significant distinctions between them.

ClickFunnels focuses on marketing and sales, whereas Kajabi focuses on creating websites and online courses. ClickFunnels is less expensive than Kajabi and provides superior customer support.

Kajabi offers more pre-built layouts than ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels allows you to personalize your sites and funnel sequences more easily.


Clickfunnels Vs. Kajabi: How They Look And Feel

ClickFunnels and Kajabi have an extremely modern, sleek appearance and feel. They both use drag-and-drop functionality to make it easier to construct pages and content. There are, nevertheless, some significant variances.

ClickFunnels has more layouts to pick from, giving you greater control over the design and feel of your site. Kajabi is superior for establishing membership sites since it contains features that make managing access rights and tracking member activity easier.

Both platforms are well-designed, with everything easily accessible. However, it's important to note that Kajabi has a slight advantage in terms of style - they're a little more sophisticated than ClickFunnels, something that many people prefer over ClickFunnels' showy, loud designs. Don't let one of these be a deal killer because those loud, flashy patterns convert pretty well!

Clickfunnels Vs. Kajabi  Pricing

ClickFunnels and Kajabi do not provide a free plan. However, they do offer a 14-day free trial. ClickFunnels' standard plan, which is the most basic, starts at $97 per month.

Pages, funnels, subdomains, payment methods, and follow-up emails will have limited services. Their follow-up email tool is one of their greatest. Therefore it's a shame you can't use it with this plan. Their platinum subscription costs $297 per month and includes limitless funnels, pages, contact, and monthly visitors.

In addition, you can have more sub-users, domains, and online payments than with the ordinary plan. You'll get follow-up emails, priority assistance, and the opportunity to participate in Hackathons to get your funnels peer-reviewed.

It would help if you chose the platinum package because it has more features, particularly the follow-up email. Meanwhile, Kajabi's ordinary plan begins at $149 and includes a limited number of goods, contacts, admin users, websites, and pipelines.

It is a decent deal because they are typically sufficient for most enterprises, but the three pipes can be a deal breaker. You may only find the automatic marketing option appealing if it has a pipeline or a limit. The $199 intermediate growth plan has higher product and pipeline constraints, making it ideal for enterprises.


Clickfunnels Vs. Kajabi – Sales Funnels

Click funnels have one of the most accessible front-end sales funnels to develop, manage, and communicate with clients. Their pre-built designs have a variety of styles that will make you appear professional and creative.

To edit it, drag and drop your funnels from the sidebar panel and edit your wording. Finally, ClickFunnels enables you to market your products based on your customers' interests.You can either promote or down-sell to attract more clients and maximize profit.

Regarding funnels in Kajabi, its sales funnel tool, Pipelines, aids in selling digital content on the front end. Their system is based on email integration, and they get more consumers through consistent email communication. There are several ready-made emails to choose from that you may customize based on your market and message.

Kajabi also features a course structure that can assist you in determining which classes to design and how many you will require.

Clickfunnels 2.0 Vs. Kajabi Design And Page Builder

A dedicated page builder is available in both Kajabi and ClickFunnels 2.0. The builder that inspired the page builder in ClickFunnels is Kartra. You come upon a similar interface. The site builder on both platforms allows you to design the complete website.

Kajabi offers over ten free templates for website design, but ClickFunnels currently only has one theme. You can import themes from Kajabi or upload your own.

Both allow you to modify the theme's code. You will have access to their powerful editor (code editor) on the higher levels, and you will be able to tweak the music as you desire. If you are a developer, this is a good alternative.


Kajabi is an excellent alternative for authors, coaches, marketers, and business owners. Choose Kajabi if your foremost priority is courses and you need good marketing features to sell them. ClickFunnels is the most excellent option whether you are a marketer, eCommerce shop owner, or entrepreneur who has to sell both physical and digital things. It is less expensive than Kajabi.

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