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How To Grow Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms on the internet and one of the easiest to use. But growing your following can be challenging. You can promote yourself by sharing great photos and interacting with other users, but you can increase your Instagram presence in many ways. Here are some t tricks and tips that will help you build up your fanbase.

Invest in Great Images

It's essential to ensure that your images are high quality and relevant to your audience. Here are some tips:

  • Use high-quality, high-resolution images. The image should be clean, sharp, and clear with no pixelation or artifacts (little dots).

  • Ensure the image is relevant to your brand and is not already being used by another account with similar content.

  • Use various types of images for example, landscape photos for travel accounts and quotes for inspirational ones!

  • Try using good lighting when taking photos, this makes a massive difference in how professional they look. A camera phone can work just as well as an expensive DSLR if it has excellent lighting conditions when you're shooting these photos.

Be Relevant To Your Audience

To grow your followers, you should ensure that you are relevant to your audience. When posting content, use hashtags pertinent to your audience and post content that is also relevant to them.

If someone posts an image about their dog or cat and uses #dogfood, it's not likely that people who don't like dogs will be interested in seeing that post. Instead of using popular hashtags such as #dogfood, use more specific hashtags like #youdontknowdjango, or even better yet, create a new hashtag for posts explicitly related to the things and places around you (you can also use location tags).

You should also reply when others comment on your posts; this shows others how responsive you are and makes them more likely to engage with future content!

Find Influencers To Promote You

To find the right influencers, you have to consider their audience size. You want to partner with an influencer who has a similar-sized audience as yours and is still reasonably new to themself. If they start a business, they'll work with you on something small and fun.

The best followers for your brand are loyal ones who believe in what you do because it resonates with them. This means looking for someone whose values align with yours and speaking directly to people like those who follow your account already.

It would help if you also searched for someone active on social media because this will make it easier for them to promote content from other platforms, such as Instagram Stories or Facebook Live videos, when they share posts from these accounts as well as their own (which helps improve engagement rates).

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to connect with other users interested in the same thing as you. To find relevant hashtags, search for a topic related to your content and look at the top posts that include that hashtag. You can also get some ideas from other accounts in your niche, they might use similar hashtags or talk about the same topics.

Amplify Your Posts

Amplifying your posts is another great way to get the word out about your business. Amplification is when you advertise your post on other channels to reach more people or when someone else advertises a position that uses one of your hashtags.

The idea behind amplification is simple: if someone sees something they like, they will share it with their friends using the same hashtag. If you use the right hashtags and promote them well, other Instagram accounts can amplify your budget by sharing content on their feeds and pages. In theory, this should result in more traffic from people coming from different sources than direct followers who are already following you.

Get Familiar With Stories

The stories feature a great way to connect with your followers and showcase your brand. Reports are also great for sharing behind-the-scenes content like product previews, new arrivals, or live events.

If you're looking to promote an event or offer, try creating a story around it and tagging the event in it. This will help drive your followers to the event or sale so they can get involved.

Build A Community With Engagement Groups

Another great way to grow your Instagram following is through engagement groups. Engagement groups are people who like to share and comment on each other's photos. They can be found on both Facebook and Instagram, but they're much easier to find on Instagram because the platform is more focused on photo sharing than on social media.

Once you've joined an engagement group that interests you, the key is to engage with those who have already entered by commenting on their photos and liking them as well (if you're going to join an engagement group, we recommend joining one where people aren't afraid to leave comments). Everyone likes being noticed for their work, so make sure that anyone who posts something new knows they've been seen.

Finally, don't forget about hashtags when promoting your content within an engagement group: The more hashtags are included in a post or comment, the better chance there will be for it being seen by others who may want similar content."

Promote Your Instagram Account On Other Social Media Platforms

You should also promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms. For example, you can use your Instagram account to promote your Facebook Page and vice versa.

You can also use both platforms to promote each other. This helps you gain more followers on both media, thus giving you the best results in increasing your reach and engagement levels.


We hope this guide has helped you better understand how to grow your Instagram presence. You can use these tips to increase engagement and build a loyal audience, but we encourage you to experiment with new ideas. The best-performing posts are often unexpected or surprising, so it's important to keep experimenting with new styles and formats until you find something that works for you.

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