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To increase the traffic of your website, you must make it valuable to your audience.

You must create content that will benefit your audience.
Don't just try to sell your products/services on your website, but instead create and share free valuable content like articles, videos, infographics, etc., on topics such as general information or news of your industry or tips/advice related to a subject in your industry.
In this way, you will increase the share of your content on social media, and the backlinks of your website, which will result in more traffic.
If you drive a lot of traffic to your website because of the free content you share, you will become a leader in your area of expertise, which will lead to building your brand and having more sales of your products/services.


I will suggest 9 ways to increase your website traffic.


1. Roundup posts


2. Infographics


3. Offer a Free Valuable Tool


4. Quizzes


5. Games

6. Guest Blog Posts

7. Web/browser push notifications

8. Add a forum on your website.

9. RSS Feed


1. Roundup posts can be created in many variants and are a good method to help you get backlinks.
I will share one of the ways you can create a round-up post.
You can contact many influencers in the same industry as your website niche, and ask them the same question.
For example, you can send an email to many influencers and let them know you want to create a roundup post. Ask them to answer a specific question. Tell them you will include the answers of all the influencers in one article, and you will include a link to their website. You can also include a bio of each influencer if you want.
For example, the name of the roundup article can be '20 real-estate leaders sharing with us the best investment tips'.
You will collect all the answers, create the article and you will send it to them. Some of them will share it on their social media, and some of them may give you a backlink. Check out this example.


2. The second option to help you get backlinks is to offer free infographics on your website.

Create nice designed infographics related to your niche.

You can offer the HTML code if someone wants to add it to their website.

You must include your website URL in the HTML code because, in this way, when someone adds the HTML code to their website, you will get a backlink from them.

Include keywords related to your niche in your HTML code.

Because some people will try to steal your infographics, it is good to include on your infographics your website URL or logo.


3. A tip I can share that will give a major boost to your website traffic is to add a valuable free tool for your audience on your website, related to your industry.
For example, if you are a real estate agent, you can add on your website a mortgage calculator, etc.
You don't need to pay a website developer hundreds or even thousands of dollars to create a custom tool for you.

Instead, you can find many cheap tools for your website in different niches on Codester.

You can also hire a cheap developer from Fiverr to create a custom tool.

You can also offer this free tool as a HTML Widget to anyone that wants to add it on their website. You can add your website link inside the HTML code. In this way, you will gain a backlink from anyone that adds your HTML Widget on their website.  

4. Another way you can use to get more traffic is to add a quiz related to your niche on your website. You can create a quiz with questions related to your website niche.

Many people find it fun to complete quizzes, and they also share their quiz results or quizzes on social media. With a quiz, you can increase the social media share of your content.


5. You can add a free game on your website related to your website niche.

You can find many different games, that you can buy for a cheap price, and afterward, you can install them on your website on Codester.

Again, many people share the games or the results of a game they played on social media. With games, you can increase your social media shares.

6. Search on Google for blogs that accept guest blog posts in your niche.

With a domain authority checker tool like Moz, you can check the Domain Authority of the blog to see if it will benefit your SEO. 

Check the policy of the blog for guest blog posts and submit your article.

7. Web/browser push notifications are messages you receive from a website to your browser.

These messages inform you about updates on a website or new content like new articles, etc.

Users of a website can subscribe to these notifications.

Web push notifications have higher engagement than email or SMS.

They can increase your conversions and customers and your website traffic as well.

It helps you save money on the creation of a mobile app, which can be costly by providing you with a similar way to communicate with your audience, like app push notifications.

8. An active forum with a lot of members participating can send a lot of traffic to a website.
It's wise if you add a forum on your website to organize the different sections/categories of your forum and also to create a spam policy.

9. If you have a stand-alone blog or you have a blog installed on your website and you want to increase your traffic, you can install an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed on it.

The way an RSS feed works is like this: a blog owner that wants to save time and money by creating their own content or believes that another blog has content that is worth sharing on their blog, connects their blog with the RSS feed of another blog that offers them their RSS feed.

The RSS feed shows when it's installed on a blog the content of the blog where it's taken as the title of articles, a summary, images, publication date, author, link, etc.

The best of all is that it is auto-renewed. Each time you publish a new article on your blog, the information mentioned above will be published to the blogs that have installed your RSS feed on them.

When someone clicks on the information in your articles, they are sent to your website with the link to the article that contains the information. 

In this way, you earn traffic from other bloggers.

An RSS feed gives you a lot of opportunities to increase your traffic if you have good quality articles on your blog, because other bloggers may want to share them on their blogs.

You will understand the blogs that have the RSS feed function on them when you see the RSS feed logo on them.

For more info on how to get traffic on your website read the article 'Free Sources Of Traffic' and also chapter 4 of the article 'How to Create A Profitable Affiliate Business For FREE Blueprint'.              


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