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Do you want to get paid to answer questions? Earning money as an online tutor is a terrific opportunity to share your academic expertise while also getting paid, and Studypool is the perfect location to get started. Here's a quick guide to becoming a Studypool instructor, where you can help learners online while earning good money on a flexible schedule.

What Exactly Is Studypool About?

Studypool is an on-demand learning management system that links students with qualified tutors. Kids may post homework questions and receive answers from instructors like you! You'll earn money as an online tutor with Studypool by bidding on and responding to questions posted by students.

How To Begin As An Online Tutor With Studypool

Signing up to earn money online as an instructor at Studypool takes some time. The typical procedure for creating your profile is as follows:

  • Verify your email address.

  • Terms and conditions must be accepted.

  • Complete the application procedure, which should take between 30 and 60 minutes.

Studypool reviews all instructor applications to ensure that individuals are eligible to work on the platform. In addition to the application, you will be required to respond to three short-answer style questions to evaluate your knowledge and skills in the field for which you are applying.

Experience is optional to become an online instructor with Studypool. Still, you must be an active university student or have a bachelor's degree to become a registered tutor and help students with their homework. Some of the topics covered by Studypool for its students include:

  • Physics\sChemistry

  • Accounting \sBiology

  • Art & Design

  •  Math

  • Business

  •  and so many other subjects!

All you need to start coaching is a laptop or desktop computer and

a reliable internet connection.

How To Earn Money Through Studypool

You can earn money on the Studypool platform in two ways:

  • Create and sell documents.

  • Bid on questions from students and tutor them.

While the effort involved in these professions varies regarding how much money you make, I recommend attempting both choices to optimize your earnings on the platform.


Making Money Online By Creating And Selling Documents At Studypool

If you have old notes, quizzes, study guides, and such, selling papers at Studypool is a terrific method to increase your revenue passively! You don't even have to fill out an application to sell resources on StudyPool. The procedure is straightforward and goes as follows:

  • Directly upload high-quality, applicable quizzes, course materials, class notes, and more to the Studypool site.

  • Studypool reviews the content for quality and relevance. Content is often accepted through their system within 48 hours.

  • Once approved, students will be able to view your documents.

  • Each time your resource is seen, you are rewarded $10. Payment can be sent to you by various cash payment channels, including PayPal and Western Union.

Bidding On Student Questions

Another quick way to get money is using the Studypool web question forum. This is how it works:

  • Complete an application on Studypool to become a verified tutor.

  • Once you've been authenticated, you'll have access to a collection of questions posed by students on the platform.

  • Bid on the questions that pique your curiosity. Give the student a delivery date and a fee. If the student accepts, you will be paid in advance. Studypool holds your payment until the inquiry is completed.

  • While working with a student, you must provide explanations and assist the student in resolving their question within the stipulated timeline.

  • Payment is granted to you once the answer is submitted and approved by the student.

One of the most efficient ways to guarantee that you receive positive student feedback is to respond to their specific queries within the specified time range.


How Do You Earn Money With Studypool?

You can get funds from Studypool in a variety of ways. PayPal, Transferwise, and Western Union are the most common payment methods.

StudyPool will execute your reimbursement within three business days after completing your tutoring. To withdraw funds from your Studypool account, you must have a minimum balance of $50.


The Advantages Of Working As A Tutor With Studypool

There are various advantages to working as an instructor with Studypool! Here are a handful of our favorites:

Ease of use: The Studypool connects you with students automatically.

Flexibility: You could work whenever it is convenient for you. You can also choose to work full-time.

Tax Advantages: Even if you work full-time as an instructor, you are still viewed as an independent consultant at Studypool. Certain tax deductions may be available to you as an independent contractor.

Protection on the platform: Studypool protects tutors from scammers and students attempting to obtain information for free. Students are expected to pay tutors before receiving assistance, although there have been instances where students claim that the offered solution did not assist them. In these circumstances, the moderators look into it to ensure you're safe and getting compensated.

How Much Can You Earn As An Online Tutor?

Tutors can earn a lot of money on platforms like Studypool. According to its website, top earners at Studypool make $7,500 per month. That is fantastic for tutoring or uploading documents online!

According to salary posts on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, tutors make an average of more than $2,000 a month. These figures will change depending on how much time you want to work and the amount you charge per question.

Building a reputation through high ratings and positive student responses, as well as gaining repeat customers, is an integral part of making money as an instructor on Studypool. The more approved bids, the better your chances of earning more on the site.

Each question you answer earns Studypool a 15%-30% commission. However, the more involved you are as a tutor on the site, the lesser the commission you will be charged. Tutors who solve more than 100 questions receive a lesser commission rate.


Studypool was created to help students solve problems within their academic experience. The team who founded Studypool has built a unique system that includes mobile interfaces, forums, and communication tools to help students learn faster and more effectively from their peers and tutors.

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