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Automated social media scheduling tools help you schedule posts for multiple social media accounts ahead of time. With a social media scheduler, you can always be proactive on social media. One of the main benefits of social media scheduling is that it saves time. Scheduling allows you to post to multiple social networks at once rather than taking time out of your day, every day, multiple times a day. Furthermore, it helps you maintain your content and followers. Using Tailwind for social media marketing and post scheduling is very helpful. Keep on reading our Tailwind app review to learn about the marketing tool for social media. 


Tailwind App review: Worth it or not


What is a tailwind App?

Marketers use Tailwind to create and schedule Instagram and Pinterest posts using a unified platform. In addition to adding photos and videos, brands receive hashtag suggestions and can engage with audiences through the application. It is also possible to grow your following using this social media tool.

Something else to mention is that Tailwind is Pinterest's official partner.

That means Tailwind is approved by Pinterest to build software that helps marketers grow their business on Pinterest. 


The Features of the Tailwind app 

Several robust features are available with Tailwind's easy-to-use interface. A streamlined dashboard will give you access to all the tools and features you need. 

It's straightforward to get started with Tailwind. Creating an account is simple; you can easily link your Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Take a look at the features of the marketing tool.


Schedule Your Post

Tailwind's main feature was scheduling pins for Pinterest. Now you can Schedule posts for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Tailwind comes with a SmartSchedule, which allows you to create a personalized schedule for your audience. Additionally, you'll be able to schedule your post at the most engaging times. The feature helps you reach a wider audience and measure your results.


Post Creation 

You can automate the design of your social media post with this feature. Tailwind creates automatically generates hundreds of almost finished designs to help you confidently create a design. Additionally, you can create customized designs for your brands only. 


Tailwind Communities

This marketing tool is more popular for its Tailwind Communities feature. It is a group of Pinterest members creating content in a similar niche. The Communities allow you to post pins directly into the groups for others to queue up. 


For every image you add, you will have to save a certain number of pins depending on the group. Furthermore, you can easily expand your audience by utilizing the community feature. 


Smart Loop

The is another cool feature in the Tailwind app known as smart look. Previously, marketers tracked and managed Pinterest content using spreadsheets. With intuitive sharing and saving, that's no longer necessary!


Whether you want to repin niche or evergreen content, the smart loop feature makes it easy! Republish your best-performing pins on the right boards at the right frequency with Tailwind. You may also customize your Smart Loop rules for those participating in Group Boards. By doing so, you will be able to provide relevant content for each season. Adding pins to Smart Loop is easy when you create or schedule them.


Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting

There is no better Pinterest analytics tool than this one. You can easily enhance your social media strategy with detailed competitive insights and high-level industry trends. 


Follower and engagement trends can be tracked by tracking repins and comments. In addition, Pinterest ROI can be measured through Google Analytics and Omniture Integration. The Pinterest platform easily tracks your content, industry trends, engagements, and conversations. Moreover, you can keep an eye on your competitors across various industries.


Instagram Post Planner

It's possible to plan Instagram posts from your phone itself using the Instagram post planner. Using your phone, you can easily create a follow-worthy feed. The easiest way to plan, optimize, and schedule Instagram content.  In addition, you can preview and plan your Instagram 9-grids directly in the App with its robust Instagram visual planner. 


Instagram Hashtag Finder

With Hashtag finder, you can avoid copying and pasting hashtags into Instagram posts. This hashtag finder helps you find the perfect hashtag pick for every post. It recommends hashtags intelligently. Users can understand what works and what doesn't with analytics and insights. 


With just a few clicks, you can add hashtags to your first comments and post your content automatically. You can also save top-performing lists and add new tags on the fly. The Hashtag Finder lets users find hashtags for reaching a wider audience using the browser extension.



Tailwind's is a free tool for Instagram that allows you to link in your bio. As a result, you can link directly to your most in-depth blog posts, your best products, and any other important website pages you want to increase traffic to. In addition, Smart. Bio allows you to link to each post you add to Instagram so your audience can view your content.

Cost of using the tailwind app

Tailwind offers a free plan and three paid plans. 

You don't need a big budget to use Tailwindapp for social media. With just $9.99 a month, you can take advantage of the App's many features. You can choose what plan suits best for you depending on your business/organization.  


Final words


Hopefully, our Taiwling review gave you all the details you need about this marketing tool. Several shortcut options are available, such as Bulk image uploads, drag-and-drop calendars, multi-board pinning, pin looping, and hashtag lists, saving users time and resources. The posting schedule can be optimized during peak engagement periods on social media. Because of its easy-to-use scheduling and sharing tools like Communities and SmartLoops, many marketers highly recommend this App. 

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