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What is EPC in affiliate marketing

What Is Epc In Affiliate Marketing

EPC is among the most crucial metrics for affiliate marketers to understand to determine whether or not their affiliate efforts are lucrative.

It's a highly effective tool for analyzing performance and evaluating how well your traffic converts into sales for a particular deal.

You may track the total performance of an individual affiliate link placement at an even finer level. This article contains everything you need to know about EPC.

What Is The Meaning Of Epc In Affiliate Marketing?

Earnings per click (EPC) is a unique indicator in affiliate marketing that displays the average amount of cash earned each time someone clicks on one of your affiliate links.

Knowing how much you make per click is critical for calculating your affiliate marketing earnings, determining which programs work best for you, and bringing in the most commissions.

Furthermore, affiliate marketing networks frequently provide EPC to assist affiliate marketers in evaluating and comparing their earning potential with that of other merchants.

EPC affiliate is one of the most important metrics to consider while running an affiliate marketing program or exchanging affiliate links with affiliate partners.

Importance Of Epc Marketing

The EPC marketing statistic and how to compute it are unfamiliar to most affiliate marketers. Instead, they are mainly familiar with another prominent marketing term: CPC (CPC.)

So they hunt for products with the least CPC and run expensive pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to that affiliate link, hoping that the ads will generate enough revenue to cover the expenditures.

The problem is that they might make a tiny profit this way. However, if you know how to calculate EPC effectively, you won't have to rely on hope.

Making decisions based on facts and insights, as with any other marketing endeavor, allows you to make significant changes in affiliate marketing.

Once you've determined your EPC, you may expect consistent results and target other affiliate items with better EPCs.

What Is Epc For?

Although EPC refers to earnings per click, the term can be misleading. The EPC algorithm calculates the value of all clicks received rather than simply one click.

It's a cost-per-click method that allows you to analyze data from several clicks simultaneously. Then it calculates your revenue per 100 clicks.

EPC is a valuable affiliate analytics statistic and a standard payout mechanism for affiliate websites.

How To Calculate

Do you know why it's vital to calculate EPC?

Knowing your EPC will give you a better idea of how your traffic and affiliate offerings interact.

The most basic way to calculate your EPC is to divide your total commission by the total number of clicks you've sent to an offer.

Here's an example to show how this works:

Over the last month, you have made $25,000 in commissions from your affiliates.

You've also had 2,500 people click on your offerings.

As a result, your EPC is $0.10, or 10 cents per click.

By calculating the EPC of an offer, you can get a better picture of your traffic.

It provides an excellent snapshot of your company's health.

How To Improve The Epc Of Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Increasing your affiliate EPC is a simple process. It truly comes down to analyzing your deals, traffic, and links.

So, what are the most excellent techniques to boost your EPC?

Is It The Right Offer?

The first big concern is if the affiliate offer you're marketing is exactly what your intended audience wants to buy.

If so, you're undoubtedly already on your road to increasing affiliate revenue.

However, if a product isn't converting correctly, it could be due to various causes. The only way to know is to conduct an extensive investigation.

Quality Of Traffic

Have you heard the expression "the output will only be as great as the input"? "Garbage in/garbage out" is a more direct variation of this aphorism.

For affiliate marketers, the traffic you deliver to an offer is the input, and the sales are the output.

If the traffic is of high quality, the EPC will be fine.


Affiliate Link Placement

The location of your affiliate links can have as much (if not more) of an impact on your earnings as any other consideration.

One's affiliate links must be strategically positioned.

For example, if you're writing a blog post to promote an offer, your affiliate links could show throughout the piece, in a footer, sidebar, or even as an exit-intent popup.

Traditionally, placing your affiliate link "above the fold" landing page, an advertisement, or a blog post is recommended practice.

Investing the time to test different positions and types of links will help you increase your profits per click significantly.

Historical EPC For Affiliate Programs

Some affiliate marketers will offer you the history EPC of the program. This figure might provide you with an indication of what to expect while promoting the program.

However, EPC doesn't indicate you'll get the same results because a program has a strong history.

As previously said, numerous elements must be considered when turning traffic into sales.

As an offer creates higher sales volume, the EPC frequently decreases, so be wary of programs with an unusually high EPC for your business.

The figures may need to be more accurate due to a lack of sales.

What Is A Good Epc?

A good EPC number can vary dramatically based on the niche and type of offer.

After working in a given niche for a while, you will begin to grasp what constitutes a good EPC.

It will likely take many months to determine a decent EPC for any specific sector or product.

During this period of learning, you should be testing and analyzing all accessible data from your affiliate marketing regularly.


Managing an affiliate business entails paying money, time, and effort to find and compare affiliate offers. As a result, you must determine where you should invest your time and money. It's easy to become buried in measurements and numbers, and you're undoubtedly losing money if you need to evaluate the correct data. Concentrating on EPC in affiliate marketing may be a quick fix, but it is a proven efficient strategy to ensure you are not wasting money.

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