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Affiliate Marketing For Travelers, Travel Influencers, And Travel/Tourism Professionals

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Travel is a very popular niche in affiliate marketing. 
Many people like to travel and see new countries or places in their own countries, and in general, the travel industry is a big thing nowadays.  
It will be nice if there is a way to make money from affiliate marketing at no cost.
Travelpayouts is the solution for that. 

It helps you to create a source of income by combining travel services with affiliate marketing.
Travel payouts it's a travel affiliate network, that features almost 100 of the best travel services like Booking, Agoda, Expedia, and many more.
You can find travel services of any kind like accommodation, air tickets, tours, car rentals, transportation, travel insurance, etc
You can join Travelpayouts for free and promote some of its travel services.
Anyone can join Travelpayouts no requirements or preapproval is needed.
After you create a free account and you log in, you can see inside the available travel services.
For some of them, you can register on their affiliate program and start promoting them with no requirements/preapproval and some of them have some requirements and a preapproval process in order to let you join their affiliate program.

Each affiliate program has a different commission, cookie duration, and so on.


It will be easier to be accepted in more affiliate programs if you have a travel website/blog.
You can create a free blog with Systeme for that.

You can read my Blueprint How to Create a Profitable Affiliate Business For Free, to understand better how affiliate marketing is working and how you can make money from it, and also you can find ways to bring traffic to your blog.
You can also find many other ways to promote/bring traffic to your blog/website in the articles of this website. 

You can use the free version of Smodin to create articles for your blog.  

Smodin is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Writing Software and can write an article for you

in a few seconds.

You just write a title (5 or more words) or a question and Smodin create an article for you.

Smodin except for English let you create articles in many other languages.

Google search engine loves original content, so it's wise if you want to have Google SEO benefits to rewrite (change some parts of the article) because the same article you create on Smodin is already used/published by other people.

Click here for more free content (images, articles, e-books, etc).

Many people use freelancers from Fiverr to create an all-in-one travel booking platform, with an option for someone to book hotels, many different types of transportation (cars, taxis, motorbikes, trains, buses, ferries, etc), tours and travel activities, insurance and so on.
Also, these kind of websites are working on autopilot, that's mean any new offers or anything else from the chosen Travelpayouts services is renewed automatically as well as 
anything else on the website.
The only thing you have to do is to promote it bring traffic to it and start generating money.
You can hire a freelancer to create these kind of websites with prices starting just from $5!, and also some of them in their website package deal include a mobile app (android/ios).
The mobile app includes your website name, logo, etc, and your Travelpayouts affiliate services links.
The mobile app is also working on autopilot.
So at very affordable prices, you can create an affiliate travel business that includes a professionally well-designed website and a mobile app!

Travelpayouts has also a tier affiliate program, which means anyone who uses your affiliate link to create a free account on Travelpayouts will be your tier affiliate.
For any sales, your tier affiliate makes in a two years period you will receive an override commission of 7%.

A travel influencer will be easy to promote Travelpayouts services to their audience because Travelpayouts services are very well-known services that are already used by many travelers 
and probably already used by their audience as well.
The only thing that has to do is ask their audience to buy these services using their affiliate links.

A travel/tourism professional can use the word-of-mouth method to promote Travelpayouts. 
For example, a travel/tourism professional, can promote Travelpayouts services to their customers and also promote the tier affiliate program of Travelpayouts to their colleagues.

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