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How long does Aliexpress take to ship

How Long Does Aliexpress Take To Ship

It's easy to become frustrated when ordering from Aliexpress. It's one of the largest online shopping websites - how can you believe there is someplace that has a lack of communication? How do you know when your order will arrive on time, or even at all? I've put together this guide to help you understand how long express takes to ship so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

AliExpress Shipping Methods

AliExpress offers several shipping options, each with different delivery times. Most products are shipped from China.

AliExpress has warehouses around the world, but your choice of shipping method determines how quickly you receive an item from one of them.

To help you determine which shipping method is best for your needs, here are the main choices offered by AliExpress:


Aliexpress Standard Shipping

This is the most common shipping method on the platform. It's also one of AliExpress's cheapest methods—many suppliers even offer free standard shipping!

If you choose this method, your shipment is likely to take between 15 and 45 working days to arrive. So if you need the items quickly, it's better not to select this option.

AliExpress's Standard Shipping method involves using the logistics department as an intermediary between you and your supplier.

Once you purchase on the AliExpress website, your items are shipped to their warehouse. The company's logistics team then assigns them to the most appropriate courier for Delivery. You will receive tracking info to monitor progress from start to finish!

AliExpress Premium Shipping

AliExpress Premium Shipping is a faster and more reliable shipping option offered by AliExpress alongside Cainiao Logistics. Compared to Standard Shipping, which has an estimated delivery period of between 10-30 days, AliExpress Premium Shipping's estimated delivery period is 8-15 days.

The shipping service is available to customers in at least 183 countries. Customers can check on the progress of their packages with this option, but it costs more than the AliExpress Standard Shipping option.

ePacket Delivery

ePacket shipping, a collaboration between the US Postal Service and Hong Kong Post, offers an affordable way to send small packages quickly. Depending on destination, though it takes 16–28 days no matter where you're sending something from, ePacket can deliver your stuff in as little time as possible without breaking the bank.

ePacket shipping is an option for some, but not all, international customers. Moreover, this service is only available when the customer's order meets specific criteria. Weight of up to 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds); length less than 60 centimeters (24 inches) and total thickness, length, and height not exceeding 90 cm

The ePacket shipping method features affordable rates, which offer drop shippers greater long-term profitability. Flats by Mail's promotion of this service has increased the popularity of international dropshipping among U.S.-based retailers.

Free Shipping Options

Customers who shop at AliExpress are drawn by the site's excellent prices and free shipping. The two main ways to ship things from China are Aliexpress Standard Shipping, or through China Post, Small Packet, and both can take a long time (in some cases more than four weeks).

Free shipping methods on AliExpress take longer than paid options: China Post's free option takes 20 to 39 days, while its fastest service delivers products in 5-10 business days.

AliExpress offers shipping at no cost to the buyer, which lowers your prices. But if you are okay with waiting for Delivery, this is a great deal!

Major Carriers

Many of the suppliers on this platform offer you the option to ship your products through leading carriers with some of the shortest delivery times. However, they also tend to be one of AliExpress's most expensive shipping methods.

If you're in a hurry to receive your order, look at some of the significant AliExpress shipping carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL.

Delivery may be made in a brief period, depending on your location.

Average Processing Time for AliExpress Orders.

Products listed on AliExpress have a standard processing time of between 1 and 5 days. Smaller items that are easy to store can sometimes be processed within a day or two, but more oversized products or orders not stored in the distribution warehouse may require more time for processing.

For items in high demand or voluminous, fulfillment may take more than ten days. This is particularly true if your order has to go through extra processing before reaching you.

When the ordered items have complex documentation requirements (for compliance and export/import customs clearance), problems may arise when ordering directly from suppliers.

The Country of Origin and Destination

Although other factors determine how long it will take for AliExpress to ship your items, one factor you must recognize is the distance between the country of origin and the destination. The longer a carrier has to travel to deliver cargo, the more likely they will be late with shipments.)

AliExpress ships its products to almost every corner of the globe. However, most items are shipped from China (where Ali has massive warehouses).

If your supplier has the ordered item in a warehouse within your country, you will receive it 3 or 7 days after placing an order.

In such cases, the AliExpress seller will typically arrange for items shipped by Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping. If they still need a warehouse in your country, they must first export all their products from China before delivering them to you.

How to Speed Up AliExpress Processing Time

The time it takes for an order to be fulfilled depends mainly on what items you have ordered and their availability. However, there are some things you can do as a customer to help speed up the processing of your order.

To start with, you can hire a reliable drop shipping agent to help expedite order processing on the supplier's end. Alternatively, you could take steps like these to speed up AliExpress order fulfillment:

  • Be sure to enter the correct shipping information while placing your order.

  • AliExpress lets you filter your search results to pick sellers who can ship an item within a reasonable amount of time.

  • Keep your order clear and concise by explaining precisely what you want.

  • Contact the seller and stay in touch with them during the process. Respond to their queries as soon as possible so that delays are avoided.


In general, AliExpress shipping is fast. When a product is dispatched, it takes between three to 15 days. Services with more complex logistics, such as those offered by sea or air freight carriers, take more time,. around one to five weeks. But don't worry! The vast number of orders (over five million each day) means most items are shipped within three to 10 days.

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