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Complete List Of The Best Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Without A Website

Let us dive into the complete list of affiliate marketing for beginners without a website. Setting up your affiliate site can be challenging when you are new to affiliate marketing. You need the knowledge, time and effort. It is challenging for you if you do not have a website. To make your affiliate marketing easy, we have compiled a list of the best affiliate marketing for beginners without a website.

Amazon Associates

The most prominent affiliate marketing program is Amazon Associates, which allows businesses to advertise Amazon items on their website for a commission on each transaction.


Because there are numerous items and services that parents are interested in, the parenting niche is a beautiful area for affiliate marketing. The Amazon Associates program is an excellent choice to explore because it is free to join, and Amazon offers a large selection of items you may promote and suggest.


When a visitor clicks on your Amazon affiliate link, you will be rewarded on any item purchased on Amazon, not just the product mentioned in your link, thanks to a unique feature that uses universal cookies.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is among the largest and most experienced online advertising organizations, specializing in affiliate marketing technology and services. It offers a wide choice of digital and physical items for you to market, and you may sign up with any vendors most suited to your parenting specialty.


CJ Affiliate also offers in-depth Affiliate Customer Experience analysis, which allows you to evaluate performance and transaction data by variables that are important to you, such as conversion rate, device and browser type, audience area, and product category.


This fantastic affiliate network is free to join, and approval from CJ Affiliate takes only a few days.

Etsy Affiliate

Etsy is a worldwide market that specializes in handmade or one-of-a-kind creative items. Etsy provides a large variety of things in the parenting sector, such as baby outfits, diaper bags, and baby souvenirs, making it an excellent place to earn money through affiliate marketing.


Anybody with social media followers in the parenting sector is eligible for the Etsy affiliate program. As an Etsy affiliate, you may earn a commission on qualified Etsy sales made by individuals who click on your affiliate links.

ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale Affiliate, like CJ Affiliate, works with over 11,000 merchants worldwide to provide various items for affiliates to advertise in the parenting sector. If you are new to affiliate programs, ShareASale is the perfect place to start since they give the tools and information you need to be successful in affiliate marketing.


This program is free to join and requires no monetary input on your part. All you have to do is fill out an application and wait for approval for 1 to 3 business days. ShareASale also allows you to track your affiliate efforts, enhancing your success in terms of clicks, sales, or commission per link and, as a result, optimizing your affiliate strategy.

Expedia Affiliate Program

Expedia, one of the world's fastest-growing online vacation booking sites, presently has over 1 million properties available in more than 200 nations.


Expedia also lets you make reservations for flights and travel packages, which will undoubtedly simplify trip preparation.


Since this is one of the most reputable travel websites, your audience will feel confident clicking your affiliate links and making a purchase when you register as an affiliate.

Time And Place Affiliate Program

In more than 45 locations across the world, including the Caribbean, Greece, Tuscany, Aspen, and others, Time And Place provide luxury residences and specialized concierge services.


You may anticipate making an average $300 booking commission as an affiliate of this luxury travel affiliate network and getting access to exclusive last-minute booking offers that are only available to affiliates.


Additionally, you will get access to breathtaking images and insider information on these opulent holiday residences and locations.

TripAdvisor Affiliate

Consider becoming a TripAdvisor Affiliate if you're looking for affiliate programs in the tourism industry. Millions of people use TripAdvisor, the largest travel advice website in the world, to plan and book their trips.


One of the nicest aspects of this affiliate network for travel bloggers is that you will get compensated even if no hotel reservations are made due to user clicks to TripAdvisor hotel booking partners.

You can join Expedia and Tripadvisor affiliate programs through TravelPayouts.

Hello Fresh Food Affiliate Program

Currently the top meal-kit provider in the United States, Hello Fresh is one of the most well-known meal kits in the world. It operates in 13 countries.


Using the 6-step instructions, a Hello Fresh meal kit only takes 30 minutes to cook a healthy dinner. Joining this cookery affiliate program is free. After analyzing your application, the HelloFresh team will contact you if you fill out this form.


There are 15 countries where Hello Fresh is present, and some of those countries have affiliate programs with unique compensation rates and cookie lengths.

Builderall Affiliate Program

One of the most influential and comprehensive digital marketing tools for creating sales funnels and much more is Builderall.


Without requiring a third-party site or integration, the Software offers an all-in-one method for exploding your company's online presence.


As an affiliate, you receive 100% compensation on the initial payment of any customer you refer to Builderall.

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