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Search Engines Worldwide

Google it's the worldwide leader in the search engine market.

It commands a dominant position because it is the search engine that is used by the overwhelming majority of people around the world.

The second one is Bing, with a proportionally smaller percentage.

I want to mention some other search engines in this article, that I believe is worth mentioning if you want to do SEO in specific countries.

If you want to bring traffic to a website in Russia, it's good to consider doing SEO for Yandex, which is used by about 55% of the population. Google comes second in Russia.

If you want to increase the audience of a website in China, you can consider doing SEO for Baidu, which is used by about 75% of the population.

If you have a website in South Korea, it will be wise to do SEO for Naver which holds about 75% of the South Korean market.

The last search engine I will mention is Seznam, which is based in the Czech Republic, it's not more popular than Google.

It is only used by about 16% of the population in the Czech Republic, but it's good to keep in mind if you own or you want to create a website in the Czech Republic.

If you want to do SEO for Google or Yandex you can use Serpstat for that.

Serpstat is an all-in-one growth hacking tool that can be used for content marketing, search analytics, SEO, PPC, and so on.

You can also use Frase for Google SEO.

Frase is an artificial intelligence content SEO optimization tool, it analyzes your competitor's content and creates better content than theirs with artificial intelligence.

In a few words, it helps you to create more SEO-optimized content (keyword optimized) than your keywords so you can rank higher than them.

It helps you save a lot of time by researching/creating content by yourself.

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