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Web Hosting Search Engine Affiliate Marketing Free Tool

Web Hosting is one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches.


HTML Widget Installation Instructions:​

1. Download the txt file with the HTML code.

2. Sign up to the affiliate programs of any 8 web hosting companies you want.

3. Add your affiliate web hosting companies names/links in the HTML code.

For example replace the Web Hosting Company 1 with the name of your affiliate web hosting company and replace the Web Hosting Link 1 with the affiliate link of this web hosting company.

Web Hosting Companies 1-4  appear Per Month $0-$9 Per Year $0-$119

Web Hosting Company 5 appear Per Month $10-$48 Per Year $120-$587

Web Hosting Company 6 appear Per Month $49-$149 Per Year $120-$588

Web Hosting Companies 7-8 appear Per Month $149+ Per Year $589+ 

You can add relevant web hosting companies so they match these price ranges.
You can include a web hosting company more than once and also you can add original (not affiliate links) of some web hosting companies if you are not promoting 8 web hosting companies as an affiliate.

4. Copy-paste the html code (with your affiliate links) on your website.

5. Promote your website/ bring traffic to it and start earning high affiliate commissions!



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