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8 Ways To Make Money From Fiverr


1. Affiliate websites in different niches.


You can hire a web designer from Fiverr to create for you a website with affiliate products or services, that are auto-renewed.
This means new products will be added automatically, and also you will not have to do anything for the operation/maintenance of the website.
The only thing you must do is promote your website and bring traffic to it.
The most popular affiliate websites are web hosting comparison websites (some of them pay $50 or more per single sale), travel services websites, Amazon products websites, Clickbank, etc.


If you hire a web designer to design an affiliate website (or any kind of website), they will require to purchase web hosting space.

You can use BluehostCloudways, or A2 Hosting for that.


2. Dropshipping website


Dropshipping is when you open an e-commerce business with physical products but no inventory stock. Instead, you act as the middleman.
For example, you list the products on your e-commerce website, and if someone buys something, the order it's automatically sent to the company that has your product’s inventory in stock. They ship your product to the buyer as if it were sent by you. They may even include your business details on the shipping package.
They receive their money for the product that is sold by you, and you receive your commission for selling their product.
The dropshipping procedure is automated. The only thing you have to do is to promote your e-commerce store and bring traffic to it. 
You can hire a web designer on Fiverr to create a dropshipping website for you.


3. Low-content books

A low-content book has minimal or no content on the interior pages.

For example notebooks, planners, journals, etc. 
For just $5, you can hire a freelancer on Fiverr to create a low-content book for you. You can then sell the book on Amazon KDP. 
You can create hundreds or thousands of low-content books that will be your assets.
It's a one-time payment for each low-content book you buy from a Fiverr freelancer, but you will continue to make passive income from Amazon, each time someone purchases your books.


Alternatively, to create low-content books, you can use Book Bolt, which is a low-content book publishing software that allows you to create books from scratch. 

It gives you all the necessary tools to create a low-content book, such as user-friendly tools to design the pages and the cover of a book in a few minutes, etc., and also other Amazon marketing tools to help you succeed, like a market research tool that shows you which low-content books are having high sales numbers, so you can create similar books, Amazon keyword research tools, etc., and many more.  
You can use Book Bolt to create unlimited books that will be your assets and will help you have passive income.


4. Print-on-demand


There are companies like PrintifyTeepublicRedbubble, Teespring, and Merch by Amazon, where you can upload your designs (designs in any form like graphics or photos, etc.), and they will print your designs on their products.
For each product they sell with your designs, you will receive a commission.
Some of these companies have a long list of products like T-shirts, mugs, pillows, duvets, phone cases, and many more.
They print your designs on their products only if someone buys them (on demand), not before.
There are print-on-demand companies like the one mentioned, that have a big customer base, but you can also share your product designs on your social media/website, etc., that way increasing your sales.
Companies like Redbubble don't have any fees to let you create a store and start selling your designs.
You can create a print-on-demand business for free. The only problem you will face is if you don't have any creative skills to produce good-looking designs.
Someone who buys a T-shirt or any other product must have a good-looking design. This is the reason someone would buy the product, because of the design.
You can hire a Fiverr freelancer to create many designs for you, which again will be your assets.
You can upload them on many of these print-on-demand websites (you must check each print-on-demand company’s policy if they want exclusivity for each design), and start selling!

5. Hire a ghostwriter to write blog articles and monetize your blog with ads (Google Adsense or Affiliate Links).


A ghostwriter is a writer that writes articles/books/text and gives you the right (all copyrights) to present it as your text or use it any way you want.


6. Make money from YouTube, by hiring Fiverr freelancers to create high-quality YouTube videos for your channel.


YouTube starts paying you after you reach 1,000 subscribers.


You can also use Tubebuddy to help you grow your YouTube Channel.
Tubebuddy is a research and planning tool for YouTube creators, and it has already helped many Youtubers grow their channels.
If you are starting a YouTube business, you must take things seriously. You can consider Tubebuddy as an investment for your business.


7. If you have any digital skills, you can sell your freelance services on Fiverr.


Something else to mention is that for all the business ideas I share, you can hire freelancers to help you with anything, like promoting any kind of business you have (SEO, social media marketing, etc.) and also branding your business (graphic design, logo or social media covers, etc.).


8. Join Fiverr Affiliate Programm


I also suggest joining the Fiverr affiliate program.
Some of the Fiverr Services you can promote as an affiliate.


1. Fiverr Marketplace


2. Learn from Fiverr


3. Fiverr Workspace


4. Fiverr Business


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