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How to Make Money Online with Low Content Books in 2023

A low-content book has little or no content on its inside pages. These pages tend to be repetitive and designed to be filled out by the users. For instance , a notebook, planner, journal, and other similar work. You can find low content books with no repetitive interior like activity books, puzzle books, kid coloring books, adult coloring book and other types of artwork. 

If you want to be an author but you don't have any writing skills, publishing low content books may be a good option for you. You don't need any special skills to publish these types of books. 

The only text you need to write in some types of books is the book title.

It may take quite some time before you write the perfect book that will be the next bestseller. You might not even succeed at doing so. If you're looking for an easy way to become a bestselling author, then a low content book could be just what you need.

These books can be created quickly, and if they're created and promoted correctly, can become a source of passive income.

You can also create a large number of low content books for free or with minimal cost and sell them for profit.

These books will be your own digital assets. You will have all the publishing rights. 

You can create/publish a few hundred or even thousands of low content books, you can publish them on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing KDP bookstore and in the other bookstores that are mentioned in this article. If it is done correctly each month, you will generate revenue from the sales of your low content books. 

You can publish your book on Amazon ( Kindle Direct Publishing) for free.

​You don't have to pay for the printing costs or for anything else, you will share a part of your sales revenue with Amazon.

If you choose to publish your books using the traditional publishing method, you have to pay for the printing costs of your book. That's why the self-publishing method of print on demand is recommended.

Books with less content usually cost less than books with more content. However, the price of a book increases if it has more complex illustrations or graphics.

You may consider offering a spiral-bound format for your low content book, depending on the type of your low content book. The spiral-bound format is considered premium compared to regular paperback book copies.

Each bookstore has different printing options, like for example different paper type, etc it can be white paper, cream paper, etc.

It's wise to check the Amazon best sellers list in order to choose a profitable niche for your low content book.

Keep in mind when selling your book that you need to optimize your book descriptions, keywords, categories, etc so that they're discoverable by potential readers.

If your book is not optimized correctly, potential buyers will not find it and this will lead to no (minimal) sales.

You can use BookBolt  keyword research tool and the other research functions of Book Bolt in order to optimize your book for the Amazon KDP (Read more below).


An email list will help you to promote your books. Try to grow an email list with potential buyers.

Ideas of profitable low content books you can create:


Coloring books for children or adults


You can create coloring books for children or adults. You can add cartoons, animals, etc and anything related to kids for the kids' coloring books. You can add more mature pictures to the adult's coloring books, like landscapes, abstract images, etc.


Password Log Books


Password Log Books help keep track of usernames and passwords for your important online accounts. They usually include a removable cover band for safety reasons.


Accounting Ledger Book


An Accounting Ledger Book is a type of logbook used to track your expenses. You may find these books useful if you're running a small company, or just tracking your spending habits. They come in various sizes and formats. Some include sections such as "Debit", "Credit" and "Sum total". Others include only one column, where you simply enter each transaction.


Food Journals


Food Journals are for people who want to control their diet for medical or fitness reasons. In these books, people track their food journey, like what time they ate and the food they ate.

In the same niche category, you can find fitness journals and weight-loss trackers.


Gratitude Journals 


Create a gratitude journal that helps people lift their spirits and energy every day! You can include positive quotes on it. 

Gratitude journals are quite popular on Amazon.


More low content book ideas:

Lined Journals

Bulleted Journals

Affirmations Journal

Guided Journal





Recipe books

Quote books

Activity books – word games and crossword puzzles



Homeschool planners

Birthday and address books

Math worksheets

Lined Notebooks

Blank Notebooks

Sketch books

Music composition notebooks

Guest books (For weddings and other events)

Recipe books

Music Composition notebooks


How to create a low content book:



Book Bolt is the ultimate all-in-one low content book creator. You can use this tool to create the interior and the cover of your book. Book Bolt is user-friendly and comes with a 3-day free trial. It's also a research tool that you use in order to research keywords, categories, profitable niches, etc for your low content book. You can use Book Bolt for the creation/optimization of the entire book. No other tool is needed.



Canva is a design tool (free and paid plans) that is can be used for low content books. You can use many templates for free with the paid plans will give you access to even more templates. It will not be so easy to create the interior of a book with Canva, but it could be a good option for your book cover.

Fiverr (or any freelancer)

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers from across the globe offer their services.

You can hire a freelancer to create a low content book for you with prices starting as low as $5. You can even make a bulk order for low content books at the cheapest prices possible.

You can also hire any freelancer (not from Fiverr) to create a low content book for you, but probably the price you will pay will be higher. 


You can self-publish/sell your low-content books on online marketplaces/online bookstores that use print on demand technology.

Online print on demand bookstores you can sell your low content books:

Amazon (KDP)

Barnes & Noble 



*IngramSpark accepts only limited categories of low content books.

They can distribute your book to over 40 thousand libraries, institutions, bookstores, etc.

Not every retailer that IngramSpark can reach will accept your book.



Online print on demand marketplaces you can sell your low content books:

*You don't have to create/publish interior pages in order to sell a low content book on the print on demand online marketplaces, just upload/publish your book cover.