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Affiliate Marketing Agencies

Affiliate Marketing Agencies

Affiliate marketing agencies vary greatly in their approach and level of performance, so it is important to select one that suits your specific needs. Some measure success by X% month-over-month growth, while others look for a certain amount of revenue per month. You should decide what your ideal growth metric is, and how much communication and analytics you require from your agency. It is also important to decide how much time the agency will devote to your account.

Top agency

If you're wondering which is the best affiliate marketing agency, look no further. There are several UK-based companies that provide a comprehensive range of services. You can also find some of the best agencies abroad in the form of international brands. A good place to start is with OAK Digital. The agency boasts a 95% client retention rate and a record of delivering nearly 100% results in affiliate marketing campaigns. For example, in 2015, it worked with the brand Angie's List, now called Angi, to implement a highly effective affiliate marketing campaign. It secured strategic placements with leading publishers and achieved a 66% increase in conversion rates.

If you're looking to partner with a top affiliate marketing agency, you'll want to make sure you hire one that focuses on data-driven promotion. A top affiliate marketing agency will use data-driven marketing strategies to determine the best time to launch your campaign. They also use social media to get the word out about their partner's product or service.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to expose your product to a broader audience and increase your ROI. It's a performance-based system, which means you'll be paid when your affiliates successfully promote your products. This makes it much more likely that your affiliates will generate quality leads and help you reach your sales targets.

As an industry, affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar business. Advertisers and affiliates alike invest over $13 billion to promote their products and services. It has become a crucial part of digital marketing strategy. The ability to track leads and conversions can be invaluable for an ecommerce business.

The best affiliate marketing agencies are highly experienced in creating and nurturing relationships between brands and affiliate publishers. They work with influential and desirable brand ambassadors, influencers, and content creators to create an effective affiliate program. The top agencies also have access to data and expert analysis, which can help you make the most of your campaign.


If you're interested in digital marketing but don't have a lot of time to devote to it, you might want to consider enrolling in a digital marketing course in KOTA. These courses provide training in a variety of digital marketing techniques and offer various internship opportunities. Many of these courses also provide hands-on experience through practical live projects. These courses also provide you with customized study materials and personalized attention.

KOTA is not currently offering an affiliate program, but in the future, it may be available. Their branding experts use strategic thinking, market trends, and digital marketing techniques to create a unique, recognizable face for your business on the web. The company also offers digital marketing services that are sure to captivate leads, convert them, and keep clients coming back for more.

KOTA also offers creative web design services for clients. Their design professionals are excellent at creating websites that meet clients' needs. They will also take into consideration peculiar company requirements and design customized sections based on those. These services are also available on mobile devices. KOTA offers many of the same benefits as the other big affiliate marketing agencies, but they also offer different levels of service and support.

Top affiliate marketing agencies have extensive recruitment resources, access to high-value affiliate contacts, and influencer marketing platforms. In addition to this, they also offer robust reporting and can turn raw data from any platform into actionable steps. A proven track record is another important factor when selecting an affiliate marketing agency. They can provide you with the highest quality services in the field.

The best affiliate marketing agencies have an excellent track record for client retention. Some of them are able to secure a perfect 100% result in affiliate marketing campaigns. OAK Digital, for example, collaborated with the popular brand Angie's List (now called Angi), in 2015. They secured strategic placements with large publishers. This resulted in an increase of 89% in orders and a 66% improvement in conversion rates.

Top affiliate marketing agencies have the knowledge and experience to nurture relationships between brands and affiliate publishers. These partnerships can help increase revenue, brand relevance, and exposure. These agencies will provide you with a dedicated affiliate manager and strictly follow FTC guidelines and state laws. Additionally, they work with reputable affiliate networks and will avoid any negative publicity.


OAK is a digital marketing services provider, and one of the largest affiliate marketing agencies in the U.S. It offers end-to-end affiliate marketing services, including content publisher recruitment and management. The agency serves a variety of direct-to-consumer brands in a variety of retail sectors. The company has earned a reputation for providing high-quality services for high-profile clients. It is one of the most popular affiliate marketing agencies, with more than ninety percent client retention.

OAK Digital is a New York-based digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook advertising, paid search marketing, and affiliate marketing. Its consultants have deep client-side experience and specialize in scaling CPG e-commerce brands. The agency provides monthly white-glove service, and boasts high return on investment.

The agency has been responsible for creating and managing affiliate programs for such brands as Aeropostale and Ralph Lauren. It also manages the affiliate program for Angie's List, where it builds relationships with the publisher community. Additionally, OAK has created a Google shopping campaign that achieved a 6% conversion rate in two weeks.

OAK has a team of over fifty people who specialize in affiliate marketing. The firm specializes in working with consumer products and non-profit organizations. It offers quality work and a people-centric approach to the digital landscape. The firm also offers SEO services, social media marketing, and content marketing. It has an extensive portfolio of clients.

OAK affiliate marketing agencies work with affiliates who are committed to growth. They pair businesses with top-tier freelance marketers who will produce high-quality results. The company pre-screens each freelancer to ensure quality work. It also provides an affiliate marketing dashboard, so clients know exactly how much time and money they are spending on each ad campaign.

Another good affiliate marketing agency is AM Navigator. The company has an affiliate program manager who is focused on affiliate marketing and conversion optimization. This digital marketing agency has less than 50 people, and specializes in helping clients reach their goals.


If you want to find a talented affiliate marketing consultant, you should look at the Upwork marketplace. This website will allow you to post your project and receive proposals from a variety of freelance professionals within 24 hours. The Upwork marketplace is a global platform for freelance professionals and businesses to find each other and work on a wide range of projects.

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