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how to earn money by playing games without investment

How To Make Money By Playing Video Games Without Investment

Video gaming has been one of the most popular hobbies in the world for many years now. In fact, according to a recent study, about 143 million people play video games in the United States alone! However, it's not just a hobby anymore; it's an actual job. Many people have figured out how to make money by playing video games without having any prior experience or investing money into their business. If you're interested in learning more about how this is possible, then keep reading.

Become A Streamer On Twitch Or Youtube

This is among the most basic ways to make money from video games. If you are a newcomer, you should be encouraged to launch your channel. You only need to sign up for one of these sites and begin streaming live while playing and interacting with your followers.

Growth may be modest at first. However, if you do it regularly and establish a friendly community, you will receive a continuous stream of money. You can get paid for advertisements, sponsors, and even contributions from your fans.

Play Games And Get Paid

This may sound like the easiest, but it’s also the most competitive. The good news is that there are a lot of companies out there who will pay players to play their games. Unfortunately, they don’t pay much and they want you to do a lot of things. For example, some companies will pay you just for playing certain levels or completing missions (and nothing else). Others might offer you credits or rewards that can be redeemed in their store but only if you complete certain tasks first (like watching an ad).

 So while this method is effective if done right and requires little effort on your part once set up properly, it takes patience and persistence when searching through multiple sites offering similar perks in order find one that works best for your needs.

Play Games & Get Beta Testing Jobs

The next way to make money by playing video games is through beta testing. This is a form of quality assurance that’s used to test the game and make sure it works properly before launching it on the market.

 A lot of companies engage in this practice, but they usually need gamers who are willing to help out with beta testing for free, or compensation in the form of gifts or prizes.

If you want to become a beta tester, all you have to do is sign up at websites like Beta Test Cloud. Once you are registered as a beta tester, companies will start sending you invitations to participate in their beta tests once they get started on their projects and the best part about being signed up for these types of programs? You get paid!

Win Cash Prizes By Taking Part In Free Online Contests

You can also make money by winning cash prizes from online contests. These contests are very easy to enter, and you don't need any special skills or experience. You don't have to pay a fee either.

These contests are offered by gaming websites and apps, as well as marketing companies who partner with them. They often have a theme that participants must submit designs or images related to in order to be eligible for the prize money. Some of these themes include video game characters, pop culture references, memes, etc

Some examples include "The Best Video Game Characters Of All Time" or "The Best Video Game Monsters". The prizes awarded range from $1-$10k depending on the contest theme and value of the prizes offered (e-gift cards). The more creative your submission is, the higher chance you'll win first place!

Play Trivia Games For Cash

If you love trivia, there are a number of websites that pay people to play games. These sites usually offer cash prizes, gift cards and other prizes. The most popular trivia site is Swagbucks but there are many others such as Test Your Luck, Prize Rebel and QuizBounty.

Some even offer an option to win money without ever having to answer a single question! All you have to do is complete some offers or watch videos and then redeem your points for cash or prizes.

How To Get Started Playing Trivia Games For Cash

  • Sign up with one of the above-mentioned websites (or any other website that offers free surveys).

  • Complete offers or watch videos until you reach the required threshold (usually 1000 points). This can take anywhere from 2 months (if you complete 5 offers every day) all the way up to 18 months if your life was busy and you only did one offer every few days.* Once reached this threshold, redeem your points for cash via PayPal or gift cards such as Amazon gift cards or iTunes gift cards.* You can also use them on apps like Spotify Premium subscription.* And don't forget about all those rewards programs! There's no better time than now because nothing beats earning rewards while playing video games on Xbox One consoles in our opinion!

Replay Poker

Replay Poker is an online poker game that allows you to win real cash prizes. All you have to do is play the game and wait for a notification from the site when you've won. You can either play for free or for real money, with the option of winning gift cards, cash prizes and even travel packages that will take you to Las Vegas.

Replay Poker works like this: When playing your favorite video games, there are opportunities to earn "replays." The more replays you earn by doing certain things while playing your favorite games (such as beating levels or completing achievements), the more replays become available in Replay Poker.

Once these replays are available, they can be used as currency at where they can be exchanged for real money.


I hope this article has been helpful in showing you how to make money playing video games. The truth is, it doesn't matter which game you play or even if you win or lose. What matters is that you enjoy yourself while doing so and never get bored of the game. The key takeaway here is that people are willing to pay real money for virtual rewards. So find out what kind of rewards your favorite games offer, monetize them and earn some extra cash.

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