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Clothing Manufacturers For Startups

Clothing is a big deal for startups. It's one of the most significant expenses that most startups worry about. Clothing manufacturers can be expensive and difficult to find, especially if you're looking for something unique or different from what everyone else has on their site. Luckily, there are plenty of clothing manufacturers out there who specialize in making custom apparel for startups across the country.

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing's main office is in Da Nàng, Vietnam, but it has a satellite office in Singapore. It is a full-service clothing manufacturing company with extensive experience helping startups grow their brands.

The services provided by this firm include consultancy, designing, and sampling products in-house.

Once you have determined the fabrics and colors, Yoke Apparel can move right into sampling. If you wish to avoid creating your designs or spec sheet, Yoke's design team will work with you on a tech pack that mirrors the styles preferred by your brand.

Service Details

There is no set minimum order quantity. MOQs are determined case-by-case; this depends on the product, pricing, and target market.

Orders take four weeks to complete once the sample has been approved. However, this time frame may increase depending on how large and complex your order is.

The company requires a technical specification sheet before providing you with an accurate quote.

Yoke Apparel ships all over the world.

Organic Apparel USA


The Organic Apparel USA company, based in Boston, has a production factory in Turkey. This is because Turkey is the world's leading source of Anatolian cotton—the type used to make organic apparel.

At Organic Apparel, you can customize an in-stock item or discuss making a unique design come to life.

Service Details

The firm recommends an MOQ of 400 pieces per color/model but includes five different sizes: small (kids), medium (adults), large and extra-large. This is negotiable.

Production timelines are 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the order.

After you share your design details, Organic Apparel will estimate the costs. You can then approve samples before production begins.

Organic Apparel ships clothing to customers worldwide.


Hujoin manufactures a wide variety of clothing, including dresses, jackets, and knit sweaters for both men and women. It is located in Suzhou City—China's textile capital.

 The scope of services includes all the steps necessary to create your startup fashion brand: initial design, fabric selection, and pattern creation through packaging development.

Before businesses can request a quote on the Hujoin website, they must register and provide design details.

Service Details

An order will be fulfilled if 30 to 50 pieces are purchased.

Minimum order value is $5,000

Production timelines range from 7 to 14 days for samples and 25 to 35 days for bulk production.

In consultation with clients, Hujoin provides door-to-door shipping services.


Wings2Fashion designs and manufactures women's, men's, and children's clothing. This includes gym wear, undergarments, party outfits—even high-end limited designs. It is based in Haryana State in, India.

This manufacturer accepts customized orders and can also manufacture the designs you provide, but it is equally willing to fabricate garments based on your specifications. They can also offer private labeling services such as branding and custom garment labels.

To ensure that each dress is perfect, the Wings2Fashion Factory has a variety of equipment and machines for custom printing, embroidery, and dyeing. Some dresses even have delicate details added by handwork.

Service Details

Startup orders are given special consideration and allowed low MOQs, while the MOQ varies based on the details of each other order.

Production timelines usually take 30 days.

Worldwide shipping is done by air or sea, depending on the volume of goods shipped.

The Odd Factory

The Odd Factory is a small-batch order factory that provides personal support to each of its international customers. The company operates in India but focuses on serving clients around the world.

The Odd Factory collaborates with each client, reviewing and revising their design proposals until every tiny detail has been perfected. Sampling and production only begin once all intricate details have been finalized.

Odd Factory offers various services, including custom fabric sourcing, dyeing and making buttons, and hand embroidery.

Service Details

The minimum quantity per order is 15 pieces, but this can be negotiated if the total number of orders is high.

Production timelines need to be specified.

The Odd Factory ships to the USA, UK, and Australia, but it is open to shipping abroad.

Hook and Eye

Hook and Eye is a clothing design firm located in Birmingham, UK. While some of its clothes are made at local factories, most are produced abroad by companies based in China and Pakistan.

Startups can easily access ordering and product development processes online or in person. The design team will help you develop a tech pack, choose patterns and fabrics, then initiate sampling.

In addition, Hook and Eye offer: Brand consulting, Website design and development, and Re-labeling services.

Service Details

The MOQ for this product is 30 pieces per style and color, graded in 4 different sizes.

Orders are processed within two weeks. Bulk orders may take longer.

Hook and YE ships worldwide.

Choose The Proper Clothing Manufacturer For Your Startup

As a startup, you'll need help to afford the latest and greatest in clothing manufacturing. That's why it's essential to find a manufacturer who can handle your volume, has the equipment needed for production, and has expertise in garment making. In addition, if they have a good reputation with other companies (like suppliers), they can help expand their customer base by selling products directly through their distribution channels.

However, when choosing an apparel manufacturer, other factors come into play: deadlines and budgeting requirements will vary based upon what type of product needs to be produced; whether or not this is seasonal or year-round clothing; how much customization can be done on each piece of apparel so as not only meet but exceed customer expectations while still keeping within tight financial constraints during early stages of business development.



There are many clothing manufacturers for startups. They can be helpful but also problematic. Your brand reflects your company and its mission; if you want to stand out, you must have the best products. We hope that this article has been helpful in your search for the best clothing manufacturer for your startup. Finding a manufacturer is not easy, but it can be done! Good luck and enjoy your new clothes.

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