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LinkedIn is considered one of the best lead generation tools for B2B (Business to business) companies. If you own or you are working in a B2B company it's wise to consider building a powerful personal brand on LinkedIn. An optimized and professional-looking LinkedIn profile will ensure the right people, your potential customers will find you easily and trust you more as well. By doing so you are presenting yourself as an expert/leader in your field/ area of expertise that will lead to a sharp increase in your leads/sales/revenue.


19 LinkedIn branding experts share their knowledge on how to build a powerful personal brand!


Ariel Lee

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What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? The key to building a powerful but sustainable and consistent personal brand is to figure out how to show up EXACTLY as you do in person (or on a zoom)…if it’s something you “craft”, a mask you’re putting on of what you think people want you to be, 1) it won’t be sustainable because you’ll burn out from having to maintain a false image and 2) the type of people you’ll attract won’t be the right fit for you personally or professionally because they’ll be attracted to a you that doesn’t really exist. 

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Biography: Ariel is a super passionate LinkedIn nerd who built her entire business on the platform. Forced there by the pandemic, she’s so thankful for the community and can’t imagine running her business now without it!

Priyanshu Kumar 

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What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? Few Tips to Establish Your Brand:
Publish Unique Content
Publishing unique content increases the chance of it ranking high in search results.
Maintain Consistency
Consistency is very important. So post relevant contents consistently.
Take Advantage of Different Platforms 
Try to make contents on different platforms.
Be Strategic in View 
Only post places your audience is likely to view your content.
Connect with Various Creators
Be it social media creators or others, it's important to connect with experts and creators in your space.

Biography: I create content on Linkedin on topics like Market, Business, Branding, Content and Personal Brand.I post on my LinkedIn profile frequently so that the majority of people can benefit from it.

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Subhash Kochhar 

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What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? To build a powerful personal brand one should first define their unique identity. Once you are clear with your objective then use all the branded elements. Like logo, tagline, color theming, nice headshot, message, call to action, and a bio. After that use Omni channel marketing to reach the maximum audience. Remember to be very specific with your niche. 

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Biography: My name is Subhash Kochhar. I'm a freelance digital marketer specialising in personal branding, website designing, SMM, SEO, and marketing with 3 years of experience in multiple domains. 


Terry Heath

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? Five quick tips:
1) Know your target audience
2) Build a good profile 
3) Create content that resonates with your audience
4) Be personally visual ie. You in imagery, in videos, doing podcasts.
5) Be consistent... post regulary and interact with others often

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Biography: I have over 30 years of experience in leadership and management in media, distribution and non-profit sectors. My skills and talents have been developed through involvement with a variety of organisations from start-ups to SME to global organisations.

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Dovydas Radavičius


What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand?

1. Start with your profile. Go through all the sections on you profile and optimize them! Don’t forget to add a great looking photo where people could see you face. Banner is really important, try to show your expertise and where you can help through it. Play with your header, don’t make it to formal, give some info how you could help in a more interesting way. Don’t forget to write your about section! Make it interesting to read from the first sentences. Talk about your expertise area, you hobbies, what you like, what you read or listen. People want to interact with people, so be a human. Add your work experience and pin point the main responsibilities you had in the exact workplace.Don’t forget to add your education too!Skills are necessary. Add about 20 of them in which you have knowledge. Make the first 3 main ones, in which you’re a pro because everyone will see them.Get few recommendations too! It makes you more credential. Just as ask your friends or coworkers to write it for you.

2. Start the LinkedIn content creator game! Find few topics that you want to talk about. Give yourself time to think about some questions that your potential clients would need help in. Then give yourself 5 minutes for each question and just write anything about this question.  Then come back and in 2 minutes write a good hook. By hook I mean first sentences, which would attract people to read your post. At the end, give some time to make the post good looking and sharp. Voilia, you have content for upcoming weeks.

3. Interact and engage with other peoples content.  By interacting I mean commenting, not liking. Make a habbit, that if you like someone’s post, you have to comment too! In this way your comment will be seen by more people, and most of the time you will get some more comments too! Also, find few buddies that can engage with your post in the first hour of publish. LinkedIn algorithm increases your reach if you get as much likes and comments as you can in the first 1 hour.  That’s all you need to start growing on LinkedIn. Let’s rock here!

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Biography: I’m 20 y/o guy who seeks more than average! I’ve been to 3 youth exchanges, and later on, I served in the Lithuanian military service. Currently, I am working at Linkedist as a Business Development Representative, where together with the team, we help IT & SaaS businesses grow with the power of LinkedIn.

Ieva Drazniece

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What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? Power is a very strong word. Powerful brand means trustable brand. I would use a loved brand. To be loved, trust is an essential part of it. To scale trust, your activities should show your genuine interest in serving, supporting, and inspiring your audience.
To scale trust, it’s essential to raise awareness of your brand, and these three elements are here to help you: 1) profile optimization - customer-centric approach, providing clear and credible insights of whom and how you can help. This will help you to fit the search results and give your profile visitors clear understanding of value you provide;  2) your organic content strategy - where you meet your audience’s needs and become a go-to person for the topics. Speak on topics that greatly inspire, help your audience, and convince you know what they look for; 3) engagement - is where you create a habit of consistent presence on LinkedIn, by establishing genuine relationships with your audience. Being genuine, for sure, is the key element to finding a path to your audience’s heart. I strongly stand against any engagement bots or groups, or automated communication on LinkedIn. Fake numbers are vanity numbers. Empty numbers are not reflecting brand love. Those are damaging your reputation, not scaling trust and your business. Be genuine, be supportive, and be present.

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Biography: Ieva Drazniece - experienced International Communication Strategist, Partner for your Personal Brand and Business to scale trust and awareness on LinkedIn. Passionate about Analytics. Lecturer. Reputation advocate. 

Cait Hassett

Cait Hassett Headshot - Cait Hassett.jpeg

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? Don't treat LinkedIn like your resume, treat it like your website instead. By doing so and optimizing your profile to be found for what you are best at instead of just your job title, both recruiters and potential customers will be able to see a more authentic version of yourself on LinkedIn. People do business with who they want to do business with, so by having a LinkedIn that is completely filled out, optimized like your website, and tells a little about yourself, you're more likely to reach your career goals through the platform. 

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Biography: Cait is a radio DJ turned award-winning social media marketer who began her journey entering and winning an “American Idol” type contest for radio personalities. Since then she has built marketing programs and strategies for companies across various industries including theme parks, pet healthcare products, real estate, business banking, and most recently, cybersecurity. For the past 4 years, she has become passionate about cybersecurity marketing and helping cybersecurity startups tell an impactful brand story that does not include marketing on fear but rather focusing on using social media as a tool for good.

Rashiqua Feroze

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What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand?Make sure your content reflects the brand personality you want to build, be it in terms of the posts you publish or the comments you make on others’ posts.
Every sentence you write must talk about either of the following:
- Who you are
- What you do 
- What you believe in (your perception)

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Biography: I’m a LinkedIn Personal Branding Expert and Content Manager with a keen interest in Content Creation and Marketing. I believe, your personal brand and content can have a major impact in both your personal and professional lives as they help you market your skills and offerings the right way. When I’m not helping individuals build powerful personal brands and curate content that creates an impact, I’m reading books by my window.

    Dan Daryll Arboleda

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? Create content that you know and care about. Including some of your personality allows you stand out in a sea of sameness. So ask yourself:
Is your content:

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Biography: I help B2B founders grow on Linkedin through content and personal branding.

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Michelle J Raymond

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? My advice is don't let fear stop you from being visible. LinkedIn is a place where you can build your personal brand and learn as you go along. Choose one thing you want to be really known for and go for it. Just like you build a house brick by brick you do the same with building your brand. Consistent small actions over time that add up.

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Biography: Michelle J. Raymond is a LinkedIn for B2B Business specialist, best selling author and globally recognised expert on LinkedIn Pages. Bringing together two decades of selling experience and nearly half of this social selling on LinkedIn she is passionate about sharing this knowledge with other businesses. Using her G.T.C Synergy™️ method to maximise the results across LinkedIn Profiles, Company Pages and Content Strategies. 


Michelle B. Griffin

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand?

"Put Yourself Out There" is my mantra and mission to help you share your message and expertise.

Why?  Because visibility brings opportunities. And LinkedIn is THE best place to use as your launching pad.

I know firsthand that it can feel hard to step out, but before you jump in have a few guard rails in place with these 3 steps to "Put Yourself Out There" on LinkedIn:

1) Take a personal brand assessment

It's hard to clarify who you are so it's concise and compelling on LinkedIn, but these 5 questions will help you narrow things down. Try to answer so a five-year-old can understand. The more specific and clearer you are the easier the "right" people will connect with you.

1) Who I am?

2) Whom do I serve//industry I work in?

3) The problem I solve/job focus?

4) What makes me different?

5) Why do I do what I do?


2) Prime up your "LinkedIn First Impression Zone"

This trifecta of your profile picture, headline/bio, and personal banner is what people look at first.

Start with a friendly, clear picture, a descriptive banner (Canva has lots of free LinkedIn banners to customize) and a clear and to-the-point headline based on the answer to the 5 questions above. Don't use just your title, make it clear, compelling, and write for humans, not search terms. It helps to see what other standout profiles have and learn from them.

3) Start conversations

Next, I'd recommend "getting the lay of the "LinkedIn Land." Jump in the feed, read posts in your industry and when you're ready, get comfortable with leaving insightful comments on interesting and relevant posts in your industry/field.

Next, start connecting and posting a few times a week (based on your answers in step 1 will help).

Be patient, persistent, and consistent. It takes time to build your brand and network here. All the successful creators here stayed with it, even when they didn't see instant traction. But for those who do, it clicks and things fall into place.

I promise you, putting yourself out there and becoming visible is the best investment you can make personally and professionally.

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Biography: Michelle B. Griffin is an international personal branding and PR strategist who has devoted her career to connecting people, growing communities, and building brands. Through her personal branding and public relations consultancy, BRANDthority, she equips female subject matter experts and entrepreneurs with the training they need to increase their visibility and enhance their reputation while making an impact and profit from their expertise. She is a frequent speaker, guest contributor, and host of two weekly B2B personal branding podcasts, The Business of You Personal Branding Show and The LinkedIn Branding Show, with clients and listeners across the globe.

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Prabal Lakhotiya

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand?If you are just starting out on LinkedIn, Remember to define these 3 things because it will save lots of your time. 
💡 Define Goals
Write down clearly what you want to be known for, and get clarity on your vision and mission before starting your journey on LinkedIn. That’ll save lots of your time.
💡 Define Audience/Target Market
Define your audience, their needs, and pain points before niching down to your target market. 
Now question arises, How to decide your Audience/ Target Market?
The only way is to experiment.  
Once you decide on your target market, start connecting with them. 
💡 Define Your Brand
Define your brand and yourself in such a way that it differentiates you from the crowd out here on LinkedIn.
💡 Follow Influencers/ People from your niche who are already doing good on LinkedIn. 
💡 Try to observe their content pattern, Take inspiration from them but don't plagiarize their content. 
💡 Try to be consistent for at least 6 months, don't expect anything in these 6 months. After 6 months you will realize How far you have come and in that period you will unlock multiple doors of opportunity for yourselves. 

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Prabal Profile Picture - LinkedIn - Prabal Lakhotiya.jpg

Biography: Hi, My name is Prabal Lakhotiya, and I'm the 𝗙𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗖𝗘𝗢 𝗼𝗳 𝗚𝗟𝗜𝗣𝗘𝗗 - 𝗔 𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗸𝗲𝗱𝗜𝗻 𝗚𝗿𝗼𝘄𝘁𝗵 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗣𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝗕𝗿𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗔𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗰𝘆 focused on enhancing personal brand for Individuals and business, which creates more opportunities for your career or business. I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, growth hacking, and personal development.  I’m a LinkedIn Growth Strategist and Personal Branding Consultant, and I work with Individuals (Founders, CEOs, Owners) and Brands, in crafting a strategy that helps them to grow on LinkedIn while enhancing their personal brand, which drives revenue and success.   Till date, I have helped and guided over 200 individuals to grow on LinkedIn 🚀

Alexander Gesell

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? 

1. Focus on targeting first (who are the people you want to connect with & your content should speak to)

2. Optimize your Linkedin profile pragmatically (picture, tagline, background cover, CTA in the featured section are key).

3. Understand how to work the Linkedin algorithm before you creating content.

4. Start with repurposing content of others that went viral (but give attribution to the original source).

5. Build a content strategy (major topics, tone of voice, goal, what you want to be known for e.g. news for your topic, critical views, …)

6. Choose the right content types for your strategy, the algorithm & your skill level.

7. Start producing it on scale & have a look at the data & optimize from there.

My major recommendation is to start easy & get more advanced step by step. And get a good coach guiding you through the process so you start years of time figuring things out by yourself.

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Biography: Alexander Gesell is a leading entity in Social Selling helping Scaleups to grow 2-10x in 1 year. He is the founder of imagineGROWTH Institute, a leading training & coaching company in Social Selling & Personal Branding focus on the Software & Consulting industry. He worked 10 years in software sales from companies like IBM, Microsoft to innovative Pre-IPO companies like Workfusion. He build his own personal brand as a thought leader for Robotic Process Automation, before shifting to Social Selling. Alex lives as digital nomad in the most beautiful places around the world while managing a remote high-performance team.

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Derick Mildred

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? 

Double check that your branding, your message, your banner/header images are the same on all channels. This strengthens the 'positioning' of both you and your brand and reduces the possibility of confusion in the minds of your audience.

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Biography: Derick Mildred is a well known LinkedIn Coach, Trainer and LinkedIn for Business Course creator. He is a firm believer in Adding Value to establish, build and nurture the professional relationship with the audience. Passionate about all things LinkedIn, Derick is excited about the opportunities that LinkedIn offers people with a desire to build, grow and scale their business. 

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Kavita Gupta

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? 

1) Optimise your profile. 2) Put together a content strategy & content calendar. 3) Identify your target audience. 4) Don't build your personal brand around too many things. Focus on one. 5) Be active on the platform, engage & network. 

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Biography: Kavita is an expert in LinkedIn marketing, Personal Branding, and content writing/marketing. She turns Executives, CEOs, founders, CXOs, CFOs, and Entrepreneurs into online celebrities to grow their sales using Online Personal Branding, LinkedIn Growth Hacking, Copywriting, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Organic Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, Outbound Marketing, Paid Advertising, Press & Media Relations, etc.

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Emanuel Stojanov

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand?

If you're a beginner on LinkedIn, I have some very important advice for you. The most important one is to stay consistent and be aware that nothing happens overnight. At the very beginning of your LinkedIn journey, your engagement won't be high, you'll start with very few people in your LinkedIn community, but that's definitely not the reason for you to stop creating if you got only a few reactions and comments on your posts. The more you post, you'll gain better writing skills and you'll find your own "voice" and recognizable style of writing. Please, do not try to copy anyone, because that's not efficient in the long term. Be yourself, and don't try to pretend to be someone that's already influential. When it comes to writing, I suggest you determine your 2-3 main topics and stick to them. Don't be all over the place, because that won't help you to build a powerful personal brand. If you write all the time about the same topics, people will easily start to connect your name with that specific niche, and that's what's a personal brand all about! Please do not hesitate to send connection requests to people you don't know personally, because LinkedIn is all about networking, but be aware to connect with those people who will benefit from your content. For example, if you're all about marketing and social media, don't connect with people from finance since they probably won't be that interested in your content.

Be authentic, consistent, and stay focused!

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Biography: Emanuel Stojanov is an entrepreneur, branding consultant, and LinkedIn educator with many years of international experience. More than 100 individuals and numerous renowned companies have gone through his training, who have successfully mastered the key branding and marketing skills and the targeted use of LinkedIn as a social network and built a successful and recognisable brand.

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Elphas Saizi Ouma

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand? 

Find a niche topic, resonate with it, and create original content that will keep your audience craving for more. Not to forget, consistency is key.

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Biography: My name is Elphas Saizi, a result-oriented Marketing Professional with vast experience in developing marketing campaigns as well as brand management, category management, and building relationships with key stakeholders, all contributing to the achievement of brand goals.

Andy Gwynn 

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand?

Write a powerful profile that tells the reader WHAT YOU DO FOR THEM  - Post ENGAGING content regularlry & learn how to engage 1:1 in the right way ( sell) !!

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Biography: Andy Gwynn is a professional speaker, coach, and property investor. His expertise is helping people get more attendees to their events through LinkedIn.

Maureen Kane 

What branding tips/advice would you give to a LinkedIn beginner that wants to build a powerful personal brand?

7 Simple steps to follow:

1. Firstly work out exactly what you want to achieve from LinkedIn, strategy is key. Ensure your profile, banner ad posts reflect this🔥

2. Post 3 times a week, including at least one post about what you do. Make the posts engaging.... A conversation starter. Include Visuals (photos, carousels and brand colours)

3. Connect to and comment on posts from to; influencers in your field and your target audience

4. Be authentic, as in be you. Don't try to copy what others do. Be you!

5. If you want to make sales from LinkedIn....

Productive what you do.... Even if a service.:Give it a name, a description, an icon.

6.👋So important.... LinkedIn is an online platform, ensure you have an online link to book, sign or buy otherwise people will not click.

7. Be Consistent...posts, engage and connect every single week.

Do all of this and you will not only raise your profile you will also create many opportunities.

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IMG_20220421_065503_151 - LinkedIn Breakfast Club (1).webp

Biography: A Glaswegian living in London. Passion for travel, coffee, community and of course LinkedIn. After 19 years of running LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns, I can either help you master LinkedIn or I can do it for you with support of my specialist LinkedIn VA team. I spent 20+ years in Senior Sales & Marketing Positions, then since going solo I have worked with Directors, Entrepreneurs & Businesses to increase their Visibility on LinkedIn. I have a unique method that I have developed over the years which guarantees to raise your profile on LinkedIn. I've helped 1000s of people increase visibility which can create limitless opportunities.

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