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Pinterest Keywords

Pinterest Keywords
Pinterest Keywords

Pinterest is a visual search engine millions of people use daily to find inspiration, ideas, and products. As a content creator on Pinterest, optimizing your content with the right keywords is important so your target audience can easily discover it.

In this blog article, we will discuss what Pinterest keywords are and how to boost traffic on your website with them.

What Are Pinterest Keywords?

Pinterest keywording refers to optimizing the content on Pinterest to make it more discoverable through search. This involves strategically selecting relevant keywords or phrases that users will likely search for and incorporating them into various aspects of a Pinterest account, such as board titles, pin descriptions, and hashtags.

Effective usage of keywords on Pinterest can help users improve the visibility of their content and make it easy to appear in search results.

This can increase engagement and traffic to their Pinterest account and website or blog if their pins include links to external content.

Why Pinterest Keywords Are Important

Pinterest keywords are important because they help discover your content by users searching for specific topics on the platform. Adding relevant and specific keywords to your pins, boards, and profile makes it easier for Pinterest's algorithm to understand the content and show it to the right audience.

Pinterest relies on keywords to understand and categorize the content since it's a search engine like Bing and Google. You increase the chances that your content appears in search results and is seen by potential followers and customers. One thing you need to do is to include relevant keywords in your pins.

Additionally, using specific keywords can help you rank higher in search results and improve your overall visibility on the platform. This can help you get more engagement, saves, and clicks on your content, which will help you to grow your presence on Pinterest.

So, to make the most out of Pinterest and reach a wider audience, it's crucial to incorporate relevant and specific keywords in your pins, boards, and profile.

Best Way To Find The Best Keywords On Pinterest

Pinterest Suggested Topics

Pinterest Suggested Topics help you find the best keywords for your content based on trends or what most people search for on Pinterest. These topics are located on the Pinterest home page on the Pinterest-guided search suggestions tile.

You can see popular pins and boards connected to your niche by clicking on these topics. This will give you an idea of what content is popular among Pinterest users. This tool can locate fresh and relevant keywords and inspiration for your writing.

Pinterest Autocomplete

Pinterest Autocomplete is a valuable feature that suggests keywords as you type in the search bar. By typing in a keyword related to your niche, you can quickly find related keywords that have search volume and are popular on Pinterest.

The suggested keywords are based on what other Pinterest users are searching for, giving you insight into your potential audience's interest. This tool assists you in discovering new keywords that you may have yet to consider and optimizing your content for greater visibility on Pinterest.

Identify Keywords In High-ranking Pins

Suppose you want to rank high for the Pinterest keyword "affordable Airbnb hotels." When you search for this term, Pinterest displays the top-ranking and high-performing pins. These pins are at the top for a reason.

To identify the keywords the creator uses to rank the pin, click on the pins and read their descriptions carefully. By doing this with a few more pins, you will notice a pattern and some repeated common keywords.

It's worth noting that these common keywords appear in most top-ranking pins. Therefore, add them to your Pinterest keywords list, as they are excellent keywords to target, given that you already know they perform exceptionally well!

How To Boost Traffic With Pinterest Keywords

Monitoring Your Pinterest Keywords

Pinterest is a platform that constantly attracts users looking for fresh ideas, so it's not unusual to see variations in interests and search volumes.

By keeping track of the best keywords, you can develop a strategy for your future content that could increase website traffic.

Compile a list of your preferred keywords to streamline the content creation process.

You should consider using Google Sheets to store all your keywords in one convenient location. Alternatively, you can explore other online tools to discover additional options.

Placing Your Keywords In The Appropriate Locations

Placing your keywords in suitable locations will optimize your profile for success. The more specific locations on your profile that you use keywords for, the higher the probability that you'll be discoverable by your intended audience.

Incorporating your keywords in the pin title, description, URL, and other relevant places will assist the platform's algorithm to comprehend your pin, making it more straightforward for interested users. Creating boards corresponding to your keywords is another approach that can help boost your chances of appearing in search results.

Here are other areas where you can incorporate your keywords:

Board Titles

Text on your Pin Images

Board Descriptions

Blog Posts that are linked to your Pinterest content

Image File Names

Profile Name

Pin alt text

Primary Profile Bio

Target Long-Tail Pinterest Keywords

Using long-tail keywords derived from popular or trending terms is vital to reaching your desired audience. While ranking these keywords may require time and effort, the outcomes are worth it. Using these keywords, you can anticipate steady engagement from your target audience, including clicks, follows, pins, and saves.

The number of long-tail keywords you employ can directly impact the benefits you receive from your Pinterest profile. To find these keywords, search for general terms and let the Pinterest search function auto-populate related words.

Use The Pinterest Keyword Tool

To make your content stand out and attract more traffic to your site, you should set up a business account on Pinterest and utilize the keyword tool. This free tool does not require expertise or advertising on Pinterest to access its analytics.

Using popular keywords in your content increases the chances of users finding and visiting your site. Switching from a personal to a business account is simple and beginner-friendly.


In conclusion, using the right keywords on Pinterest is vital for the success of your content. By understanding the search behavior of your target audience and incorporating relevant keywords in your content, you can increase your visibility on Pinterest and attract more traffic to your website or online store.

Regularly analyze your Pinterest analytics to see how your keywords perform and make necessary adjustments. With the right approach to Pinterest keywords, you can reach a wider audience and grow your presence on this popular visual search engine.


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