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Flippa is a marketplace for buying and selling e-commerce stores, online businesses like affiliate or dropshipping websites, etc, websites, and other digital assets like android or iOS apps.
Flippa is one of the most well-known businesses in the website marketplace industry, and also it's the largest marketplace for websites.
Through Flippa you can buy a profitable online business, which is already generating money.

Then you don't have to build one from scratch.


But beware that they are a lot of scams that will lead you to lose money.
Always make your research and choose wisely if an online business it's profitable and worth it and which is not.
There are online businesses for sale on Flippa with over $100,000 in annual profits.

Many of the websites/digital assets on Flippa have expensive prices and are good for serious entrepreneurs and investors.

You can also use Flippa to sell your online business/website/digital asset, etc.

It has a lot of traffic from potential website buyers, so it will be easier to find a buyer through Flippa than by yourself.

You can also join the Flippa Broker Program, find buyers/sellers for their websites/digital assets and earn large amounts of commissions.

 SideProjectors it's a website/digital assets marketplace similar to Flippa, check this article for more marketplaces similar to Flippa.