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If you're looking for an online business opportunity, you've probably come across dropshipping. Dropshipping is a business model that can generate high returns for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Dropshipping only requires a small amount of startup capital and sweat equity. Let's take a look at details about the dropshipping business.  


What is dropshipping? 


In dropshipping, online stores aren't holding or owning any of the products they sell. The retailer sells the product to the customer and then passes the order on to the supplier, who ships the order directly to the customer. There is no need for dropshipping sellers to maintain inventory, warehouses, or storage space, and they do not handle fulfillment.


Best ways to promote your dropshipping products 


It is possible to create your own dropshipping business by using a marketplace like eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, etc. You can also create a dropshipping business by selling your products on social media or having your own dropshipping website. To decide what products/niche to sell, you can use Google Trends to find out what people are looking for the most.

In order to make a profit from dropshipping, you should:


  • Select a niche

  • Select the platform(s) you will use 

  • Create your dropshipping store/business 

  • Promote your store/business 


What is Low-cost drop shipping?


Traditional dropshipping refers to low ticket dropshipping. When people think of this business model, they typically think of AliExpress, which offers low-cost products. A lot of cheap items are sold every day in these businesses. The commission you can earn for low ticket dropshipping products is very low. Let's take a list of low-cost/general dropshipping. 


Multi-niche dropshipping companies 


Sale hoo


Salehoo is a dropshipping supplier that specializes in smart product recommendations and research. More than 8,000 pre-vetted suppliers are connected to eCommerce business owners through the platform. Salehoo's directory has 70% of suppliers that don't require application fees or minimum orders, so users can save money and minimize upfront costs.


CJ Dropshipping


CJ Dropshipping is a drop shipping company that can help you with your product inventory needs. Your eCommerce shop can benefit from this company's addition of quality trending products. Over a hundred thousand online sellers worldwide rely on CJ Dropshipping for their products.



If you want to start your online dropshipping business, you should consider Sellvia. In addition to offering an eCommerce platform for easy store management, they also offer a wide selection of popular products.




Eprolo is a free dropshipping platform that offers also a branding service.  It helps you source cheap unbranded products from Chinese manufacturers that are unknown to westerners, brand them, and in this way you can have your own unique products.

It offers free automated solutions for well-known platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Aliexpress, etc

For example, it let you find products from Eprolo or Aliexpress, and after you can publish them automatically on your eBay store.


What is high ticket dropshipping?


In high ticket dropshipping, expensive items are sold online and fulfilled from a third-party supplier. The commission you can earn from high ticket dropshipping products is much higher than low ticket dropshipping products.

Entrepreneurs looking to start their own business with minimal investment may find it a great business model. High ticket drop shipping can be used for selling luxury brands, expensive jewelry, and consumer electronics.


Lifestyle accessories 




In addition to Pierre Cardin, Marc Jacobs, Daniel Wellington, and many more, it is one of the leading marketplaces for luxury brands. Whether you're looking for clothing or accessories, you'll find them here. If you want to start with Brands Gateway, visit their website and select a monthly package.



Another popular lifestyle accessories e-commerce site is Modalyst. Modalyst has developed an automated dropshipping app using APIs from AliExpress. The subscription plans start at $35 per month with a limit of 250 products.




A specialty of Styliafoe is designer clothing and accessories. Many brands have trusted this company since the 1990s. With more than 150 premium brands in its catalog, it's no wonder why the company has grown so quickly. Moreover, they offer a buyer protection plan for customers still unsure about their products. You can earn a high commission starting a dropshipping business with styliafoe 


Beauty products 




Kaola's platform makes browsing and selling easy for its users. Furthermore, the pricing is

cost-effective, allowing for high-profit margins. For selling high-quality beauty products, you can choose Kaola. 


Electronic items 



Some people define luxury as gadgets and other electronic devices. Uniqbe is one of the most popular suppliers of electronic items. Uniqbe offers customized consultations to its partners based on their business objectives and target markets.



MerchMixer might be the perfect choice if you're looking for another luxury dropshipping supplier. You do not need to worry about profit when you work with Merch Mixer. Start making your own brand with the popular dropshipping company. 


Multi-niche items 


Oder champ 


Order champ simplifies the sale of independent yet luxurious brands to consumers. These brands can't be found on Amazon or eBay makes this platform even more attractive. From jewelry to baby items, the platform helps you to sell a large number of items.  


High ticket dropshipping vs. Low ticket dropshipping 


Many people don't add an affiliate program to their low-ticket dropshipping website/business because of the low commissions they receive per sale. They can’t create an attractive affiliate program because they can offer a very small commission and also they will minimize their already small profits. In addition, most affiliate marketers already know about dropshipping and can open their own dropshipping website/business, if they want, instead of promoting other dropshipper products.


Dropshipping and affiliate marketing can be combined with high-ticket dropshipping because with high-ticket dropshipping you earn big commissions. You can add an affiliate program to your dropshipping website and share your commission if an affiliate makes a sale. Because you will earn big commissions from your high-ticket dropshipping products you can also offer big commissions to your affiliates.  Because you will offer big commissions in your affiliate program, it will be very attractive for potential affiliates to join.


Final words 

A dropshipping business model allows you to sell products directly to your customers without incurring the high operating costs associated with wholesalers. Unlike other business models, dropshipping is easier to become profitable because of its lower costs.

It's wise to create a high-ticket dropshipping business to maximize your profits.

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