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How to create free (or low-cost) mobile apps and make money.


Digital advancement provides you with a number of opportunities to earn money.

The mobile app is one of the hottest technologies that open new doors for businesses.

There are a number of ways that you can use to create your own mobile apps and generate income.

You can use it as an additional income or a primary income source.

This article will give you the information you need to start a mobile app business.

Let's discuss how to create free or low-cost mobile apps and make money. 


Use the digital marketplace to create your own apps.


What are Envato and CodeCanyon?


Envato is a popular marketplace for buying and selling digital assets.

Millions of people use the marketplace to hire freelancers to build apps, graphics, websites, and more. 

CodeCanyon is part of the Envato marketplace.

Using CodeCanyon, you can purchase and sell components of different frameworks and languages, including PHP, Java Script, and ASP.NET.

This marketplace will allow you to buy different mobile app templates that are very feature-rich.

You can save a lot of money by using the marketplace to buy app templates.

It is possible to take help from the App developer to reskin the app and publish it to the Play Store or to the Apple App Store.

Additionally, you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr to reskin the template depending on your needs. You can also publish the apps as it is without reskinning them.

Apart from that, you can also purchase ready-made mobile apps at very low prices.

Prices start from as little as $10 to $15. 

Get the correct license for your mobile app depending on the way you wil use the app.

You should be aware that it is essential to get licensed while buying mobile app frameworks or temples from CodeCanyon.

If you obtain a regular license, you will not be able to sell the end product. You can distribute the app for free or sell to one particular client.

But still, you can make money showing ads from Google Admob, Facebook, and other companies as well. In addition, if you use the regular license, you will also be able to earn money by sharing affiliate links.

The extended license will enable you to sell your end product (final app) to the stores that distribute mobile apps.

It will help you to earn through 

Advertisement(Google Admob, Facebook, or other platforms

Subscription model

Freemium upsell (the users have to pay for additional features)

In-app purchase


Utilizing affiliate programs ( Google app store, Microsoft 365, express VPN, etc.)


Except for the mobile apps, they are many other ways you can make money with Codecanyon.
One of that ways is to buy a website template with many tools on it in different niches, for example SEO tools.
You can find website templates on CodeCanyon with 50+ tools with prices starting from $35 to $40. 
Except for the option to charge people money to use your tools, if you buy the tools with the right license, you have the option to let everyone use your tools for free.
The ways to make money if you offer your tools for free are by showing ads with Google AdSense and also you can place affiliate links/banners.
If you offer many valuable online tools for free that normal people pay to use this will result in increased traffic. 

Take advantage of AppsGeyser to create a free mobile app and earn money 

With AppsGeyser, you can make an android app or game for free that you can use to make money by placing ads from AdMob, Appodeal, and Appnext.

In a few clicks, you can create an app with ready-made templates.

You need to select a few options to customize your app, and you're done.

Besides, you can convert your website to a mobile app.

AppsGeyser offers 30+ free app templates for business or personal use.

You can create games, educational apps, business website apps, etc.


Utilize banner spaces to earn money 

AppsGeyser apps have banner spaces that run ads.

This advertising space will be shared with you upon reaching a minimum usage threshold. You can earn 100% of the revenue using the Ad Network of your choice, or you can place your own promotion banners. 
The most fantastic feature of the Appgeyser is that you don't need any coding knowledge to create a tailored android app. 

AppsGeyser app builder is completely free for users.

However, it also comes with a premium plan that offers much more.


Premium plan features:

No ads option.

Custom Branding.

Unlimited Push Notifications.

Ads control.


In-app purchases.

What is MIT App Inventor, and how can you earn money creating mobile apps with it? 

MIT app inventor  provides a free app development platform owned by Google and maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

A beginner or newcomer to computer programming can create applications (apps) for Android and iOS using the platform and start earning money.

It is possible to develop different kinds of apps with App Inventor, including games, informational apps with user-generated data, personal convenience apps, communication apps, apps that use the phone's sensors, etc.

You can take help from Youtube to learn how to create a tailored app using MIT app inventor. It is an online platform, and you can work from your web browser.

The interface is user-friendly, and people unfamiliar with coding can create an app in a short time, even less than 1 hour.

After creating an app, you can upload it to the Play store or the Apple store to start earning. 

What requirements and expenses/profits have someone to publish an app in the Play Store or to show ads 


Google costs a minimum fee to publish your apps on Play Store. For a one-time fee of $25, developers can set up their own accounts with a wide array of features and functions.

The Google Play Store allows you to submit apps for free after you pay a one-time fee.

To create an account, you must fill out all the information that is asked of you, such as your name, country, and other information.

Upon enrolment, there is a 15% service fee for the first $1 million in earnings per year, and a 30% fee after that, which gives smaller developers more help as they grow their businesses,


On Google AdMob the average RPM (Ad revenue per impression) for the android app is 15 cents to 1.50 USD 1.50, while for iOS, it ranges from 20 cents to 2 USD. There is an $8.75 payment per 1,000 views on Facebook monetization ads (on mobile apps).

Appodeal payment rates for showing differ from $6-$13 for 1000 views depending on the region.

Besides, you can use Appnext, a CPI (Click Per Install) platform; thus, they pay publishers once their users install app ads.

The payments will vary depending on the region and the type of app ad you choose.



I hope our article will help you to understand how to create free or low-cost mobile apps and earn money. There are multiple ways that you can use to create a mobile application. It is possible to build a mobile app using a free app builder or purchase app templates or ready-made apps to start earning.