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AI (Artificial Intelligence) writing software is a good solution to help you save time and to be more productive when you are writing any kind of text.

The generic way an AI writing software works is by writing some keywords about what kind of article you want and the AI writing software creates an article/text for you.
AI writing software can be good for content creators, bloggers, and others and can help you write SEO articles/content for your website.

It can be used also for affiliate marketing to help you write articles, for your affiliate products/services.

It can be used to help you write texts in any niche.
The creators of an AI writing software train a machine learning system to mimic real-life writers to generate content, typo-free and with perfect correct grammar. 
If you want to produce SEO articles for Google Search Engine, it is wise to use Ai writing software as a writing assistant only and not for the creation of the final article.

Don't just copy-paste the article from the net as you get it tailormade from your AI writing experience, instead personalize and customize your article as much as possible.
For example, you can include in your SEO article your personal experiences, or you can include some facts from websites like Statista, to enrich your article.


If you want to try the AI writing software solution you can use the free version of Smodin.

If you want an AI writing software with more features, for professional use you can purchase Jasper which is considered by many marketers as one of the top AI writing software, or alternatively Writesonic which is also a very good AI writing software with many features.